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We've included this section because so many folks ask questions like:

"What is this weird lifestyle you're pursuing? Is it working? Why are you doing it? How did you discover it? Do you recommend others live that way? Sources for learning more?


°For over 150 years "Natural Hygiene" has been the closest thing to an organized system of healthful living I know of. It's based on the belief that the mind/body is self-regulating, self-repairing and self-regenerating IF we supply it's needs, don't poison it & get out of its way & let it work normally. Since 1994, I've come to believe that the NUTRITION part of Natural Hygiene is "Instinctive Nutrition". Really only two requirements:

1) DON'T poison oneself!


2) Supply the requisites of health (adequate sleep/rest, clean air, pure water, un-cooked, un-altered, un-altered original whole natural food of our biological adaptation, mental balance, meaningful relationships, productive work, adequate activity/exercise, sunlight, etc. As of '98, Lou & I concluded that an optimum magnetic field, as once supplied by Mama Earth, is also essential & is now somewhat under our control and that in our society, Financial Health is also a requisite of health). (Details of Natural Hygiene & Instinctive Nutrition are available from source list below).

°Yes, it's working, has worked for thousands of millions of years & is the only thing that has ever or will ever "work", assuming that the object of that "work" is attainment & maintenance of Optimum Health (I use "Optimum Health" to mean the highest level of well-being each of us can possibly achieve given the factors we CAN'T change much, like our genetic material, the general condition of the planet we're living on, etc.).

°I'm doing it 'cause one of the factors that allows the body/mind to progress toward Optimum Health is living according to your beliefs (I usta think that health consisted of ACTING in concert with REALITY. I was wrong. There are lots of fairly healthy-looking folks whose actions are OPPOSED to reality ... but in concert with their BELIEFS about reality. The important factor is to have ACTIONS in concert with BELIEF & if your beliefs happen to reflect reality it's even more effective!).

°I discovered it as a result of a couple decades of study, research, observation & mostly self-experiment, partly because a close friend requested I find help for his wife who was dying of cancer, mostly for my own health -- I've concluded that HEALTH HAS A CAUSE and the cause is healthful living..

°No, I don't recommend it for anyone else, 'tho a few thousand of us are living successfully & happily attempting to more closely follow Nature.

°Yes, there are several excellent sources for info:


American Natural Hygiene Society, Inc.

Box 30630

Tampa, FL 33630 (813) 855-6607

Most complete source of books, tapes, seminars, lists of practitioners, etc.

Robert Avery: www.rawtimes.com/m2m

1930 Washtenaw Ave. FAX (Office Depot): (313) 747-8831

Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3655 (313) 769-2873

Coordinator of "Natural Health Many-to-Many (NH M2M)" Participatory newsletter -- It's THE most valuable source of custom info on our weird adventure available ANYWHERE. It puts you in intimate personal contact with Drs Stanley Bass, Edwin Flatto, Bernarr Zovluck, as well as me & 50+ other thinkers & doers in Natural Hygiene. It's pure un-edited, no B.S. natural knowledge, thought & fun! PLEASE JOIN. We need your input, & unless you have ALL the answers, you need ours! This is the finest source of HONEST health info I've ever found & I personally have contributed & continue to contribute 8-12 pages of possibly helpful info to each bi-monthly issue & I'd sure like YOU to join & contribute, too. I it became easier as of September, 2000 when Bob reduced the load to a quarterly publication rather than bi-monthly. This is the BEST support group anywhere for your journey toward Optimum Health!! Call or write Bob Avery for info--PLEASE JOIN!! (request $7/sample or back issue or send him $40 for a year's subscription -- that year's subscription provides 600-1,000 PAGES of terrific health help available NO WHERE else!)

Drs. Alan Goldhamer, Frank Engle & group

Health Promotion Clinic, Center for Conservative Care

Rohnert Park, CA (707) 586-5555

For hands-on, personal consultation, help making the transition or dealing with acute or chronic problems (where Lou & I go if we have any medical problems)

For more about water than you probably want to know...click here!


Here are some of Dr. Bob's contributions to the Natural Health Many-to-Many Participatory Newsletter (originally the Natural Hygiene M2M) since '92 -- the NH M2M is the finest source I've found for honest health information & also a large source for unsubstantiated & probably erroneous opinions. It's fun & it's a great support system for folks on the journey toward Optimal Health. The format: contributors send letters to the M2M coordinator, every two months (originally it was monthly, & right now it's quarterly) the coordinator makes a copy of everyone's contributions (up to 6 pages per issue per contributor, binds them together & sends them to all the members, who read what they wanna read, respond to whichever they like in a new letter which they send to the coordinator, etc. You're invited to participate, just contact Bob Avery, our Coordinator, at rawtimes.com/m2m, mention our name & ask how to join, or receive a sample issue.

The parts in [brackets] represent near-quotes of the contributor to whom I'm responding, stuff outside the brackets is Dr. Bob's original politically-incorrect comments. Enjoy:

PPNF & Requisites of Optimal Health--Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation sent me their new membership packet (I recently noticed my membership had lapsed for several years, so I re-joined). Their intro letter states that "health starts from the ground up." & lists the basic tenets of maintaining optimal health as "Healthy soil, good food, clean air & pure water", sorta like Natural Hygiene (NH), 'cept soil is not usually listed in NH lit -- probably should be. It occurred to me that the NH tenets NOT listed by PPNF (sleep/rest, activity/exercise, meaningful relationships, productive work, mental balance -- & I've added "financial health") are BEHAVIORS, while they list only extrinsic, environmental factors. Interesting. Incidentally, they missed one environmental factor that now IS somewhat within our control, of course: optimum magnetic field!

PPNF is a good organization, I've been an "intermittent member" sine the early 70's. Contact them at Box 2614, La Mesa, CA 91943-2614, (619) 574-7763, FAX: (619) 574-1314. They have a large catalog of health-related books, tapes, etc, including Meinig's Root Canal Coverup book that Mr. Blazocek recently called me about & some of Dr. Bruce Pacetti's fascinating audio tapes that have been discussed here a few years ago.

Sleep--If there IS a "most important" part of Natural Hygiene, my conclusion is that it's rest/sleep, since that's when our nerve-energy is rebuilt & lack of NE (enervation) is the path toward everything negative in health & life. Since enhancement of sleep quality is one of the chief benefits of our new businss' biomagnetic & far-infra-red technologies, sleep is a hot topic for the folks. At a dinner party 11/17, the day after I sent my 12/97 M2M contribution I heard two conversations that didn't connect 'til today (11/18). Both quoted celebrities who spoke about need of sleep & both were quoted by people using the quotes to verify their opinions on the subject. One quote: "I always need at least ten hours sleep per nite (& so do most other people)." The other: "I never need more than 4-5 hours sleep per nite .... & neither do most other people)." Both quotes by well-known people who accomplished a lot in their lives. Guess who! Quote #1--Sophia Loren, quote #2, Michael Landon. Sophia still looks & functions pretty well, Mike doesn't. Suspect a connection? Who in our M2M world of celebrities lives Sophia's sleep recommendations? Dr. Virginia Vivian? Vetrano. Who lives Landon's? Herbert Shelton, T. C. Fry. Suspect a connection? Methinkst in the next few years, we won't be the only folks making this connection & I predict Ron Cridland (the NH "sleep dr.")'s practice (& our new businss, of course) will flourish as folks who've made some healthy improvements in their nutrition & exercise/activity areas discover "nature's sweet nurse", SLEEP!!

We in NH are WAY ahead of the folk on food intake & growth beyond the therapy mindset. BUT, they're way ahead of NH in overall Oriental "Balanced Life" concept with their Five Pillars of Health, especially "mental poise", "relationships" ("Silver Training" is incredible; Lou just completed her third repeat, even dragging me along for my second -- seems that once the initial tuition is paid, we can repeat for ever at no charge), financial health & what's probably the most important part of attaining Optimum Health: sleep. Exciting business; Lou & I are finally doing it seriously since about Nov, having farted around since 3/97 in "paralysis by analysis". Wanna be our partners in our new businss? Sorta like investing in Microsoft when Bill Gates was working out of his garage, or when Nissan or Toyota first came to the US!

Who's the world's largest advertising agency? World's largest shipping company? World's largest banks? World's largest auto manufacturer? Answers: Dentsu, Nittsu, Mitsubishi & Mitsui Toyota (twice the size of GM!) All of those companies were once JAPAN's largest companies before going global. Guess who's NOW Japan's largest health products company .... yup, our new businss, now exploding in the world's largest market --US. Wanna grow with 'em? Are you excited?

Bruno Comby on PowerSleep--Leonardo da Vinci, Edison & Dali all took many diurnal cat-naps & Tom & Sal used variations of "the moment of sleep" to access creative solutions to problems: Edison held a steel ball bearing in his hand, with a metal bucket beneath, then went to sleep. When he reached the point in sleep where his hand released the bearing, the sound of it hitting the bucket awoke him & the solution to his problem was often clear in his mind. Bruno calls the technique Ultra Rapid Sleep. & again, as with meditation, naps are more energizing when done with two or more people in physical contact; also generates more, better, MORE POWERFUL concepts & ideas ... so SLEEP WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

[Sleeping Pills]--My pharmacology prof. in dental school told us that they don't really help the body sleep; the body reacts to 'em by going into a comatose condition that does NOT provide the benefits of sleep. Mebbe he was a NH guru & didn't know it?! If it were MY bod/mind suffering sleep problems. I'd immediately sleep on a magnetic mattress beneath a FIR comforter. that ended my wife's sleep problems of 30 years duration & allowed her to quit eating all her Advil, Tylenol, ASA, etc., etc. & it's still working since 3/97!! Our new businss technology is truly amazing & Lou & I are Wellness Consultants now, so we're not to be believed! ;-)


Articles, Instincto-style!--Adopting the Instinctive Nutrition mindset saves valuable sleep-time with the articles! Take ish #34, for example: Pee Drinking, Salt, High vs. Low Protein Diets, Pickling & Fermentation -- need to read 'em? Naaah, only need to decide one thing: is the item in question likely to be an "original food" for humans, unaltered, un-heated, unprocessed, etc.? If yes, OK to eat if smells & tastes delicious. Simple! Pee? Of course it's always been available & if ya ain't been putting toxins IN to your body, your urine's probably OK to ingest if the bod signals a need. Salt? It's always been hanging out on beaches -- seaweed's covered with the stuff ... so, if the seaweed smells & tastes delicious, have at it & I do find small quantities of sea palm, dulse, etc. mighty fine a few times a year (after 5 years of strict all-raw NH & NO salt & no sea plants, I delighted in eating fairly LARGE amounts of the sea vegies without a stop & I assume my bod was depleted & now it ain't, 'cause I get a very quick stop on any of these hi-salt weeds now. Fun ... simple .. & no need to read & memorize all that cerebrating food research!! More time to sleep, to live! Exciting! Hi vs Low Protein? After using the cerebrum to eliminate smell/taste-testing anything but uncooked original foods, this becomes a non-issue, just delegate food selection to instinct & let others read & debate all the biochemistry -- I sure paid my dues reading & studying that stuff for decades. Delegating the mental masturbation to others on the food issues leaves me free to use the conscious mind for philosophy, economics, living & loving! Fermenting & pickling? Mebbe I SHOULD read these ('tho I didn't), perhaps some of these processes DID happen routinely to our pre-historic foods, mebbe some of this stuff IS "original food". I hope one of you does the cerebral work on this question & feeds me the answer!! If you don't, I might tackle it SOME DAY.

[What IS Natural Hygiene, anyway?]--The NUTRITION part of NH is ANOPSOLOGY? He sez: "the essence of NH is this: What are peoples' needs in order to grow in health, and in light of their individual capacities, what are the best ways to satisfy their needs? Matching needs to capacities is what NH is all about." For nutrition, that's EXACTLY the function of Anopsology.

It's the only way I know to determine what the body needs at any given time. Reading tables in food books won't do it. Comparing oneself with others, or even with oneself at some previous time, certainly won't do it. AND in the same paragraph, Dr. C debunks the notion that NH implies vegetarianism, citing Jennings, Dewey, Walter, Tilden & even Uncle Herbie hisse'f as living & teaching other than strict vegetarianism. Gotta clean up the bod & listen to (& SMELL!!) its signals as to its nutritional needs. I'm still working on the PRACTICE, but it seems like the BELIEF SYSTEM's firmly in place, eh? & speaking of Anopsos, I ordered as an experiment a "Japanese sweet potato" from Diamond Organics ($1.65) & gingerly bit off one end, assuming it would be inedible raw & I'd feed it to Lou (she'll eat most anything once it's cooked!). The thing was delicious & near the end, the taste DID change to semi-bland as it's sposta when the need is satisfied. Interesting. May be an answer to Dr. C's concern about adequate starch/concentrated food in all-raw diet (which I think I fill presently with the young sprouts of lentil, buckwheat, mung, sunflower seed, etc.).

Bob's NATURAL HYGIENE 1-to-10 PURITY SCALE--OK, kids, many of us M2M folk have asked each other for this implicitly, so here it is, explicit, for whatever use you want:

0--Standard S. A. D.

0.5--SAD without the hard (prescription & OTC) drugs

1--SAD without the "other drugs", too (sucrose, caffeine, nicotine, ethanol, NaCl, etc.)

2--SAD with "balanced meals", 4 food groups,. etc.

3--Same, modified for low fat, high fiber (Bailey, Cooper, etc.)

4--"NH transition", fruit in AM, SAD in PM (Diamonds, Nelson?, etc.)

5--Establishment NH, all vegetarian, including cooked (Goldhamer, ANHS, etc.)

6--All raw vegetarian (Weston, Zovluck, Bennett, etc.)

7--"Instincto transition", all raw, including whatever animals taste good, excluding dairy (Zephyr?)

8--Full Instincto, including insects, "advanced" (rotten) foods (Burger, Nieft?)

9--Instincto living--including PowerSleep, instinctive choices in activity, etc. (Comby)

9.5--All that plus enough insects

10--Simple Savage, All life choices by instinct, no knowledge of intellectual choice-making (probably no human culture like this exists)--this group would probably not be achieving Optimum Health anyway, 'cause they'd lack the useful living skills like conceptualization, knowledge of pollution, etc. in their world.

Where am I on that scale? I was raised by caring parents at the 2 level 'til '62, then plummeted to the usual 0 level when out on my own 'til about '72, when I learned enough to climb to a 3, then achieved 4 about '89, 5 in '90, 6 in '92 & 7 in '95. Probly presently about 7.4 (Ph of blood), workin' on 8, 'tho still deficient in sleep & insects. :-)

[If the hygienic diet is so perfect, why are all legitimate hygienists so painfully thin?]--1--They're not ALL like that. The Instinctos in France & in Pangaia are not thin, nor are Bernarr, Virginia Vetrano, Victoria Bidwell, Nick Phillips & while I weigh 15# less than when I began my NH lifestyle in '90, my present 150# was my weight at high school graduation & I'm not pained about it & I know that if I spent adequate time in weight training that I could build it to whatever I want. I don't need a more muscular body just now; perhaps later. & 2--My opinion is that it's very difficult (impossible?) to obtain quality human food on what's left of this planet & probably many hygienists started the NH lifestyle so late in life & with such depleted bodies that they may be unable to thrive on only what they may understand as the "perfect hygienic diet" of raw fruits & vegies & may need to add nuts, seeds, "young sprouts" & perhaps uncooked animal products as well (I include all these in my food intake & am pleased with the results).

[Hi fruit Diet]--Yup, I experienced the same as A.V. on my first 4-5 months intro to NH, stupidly following TC Fry's phone consults to the letter--only eating sweet fruits, fasting, & my belief system (wonder why it's called B.S.?) was so strong that I believed brush & floss were unnecessary on my "natural diet" & acted accordingly (that was in '90 & I've still not recovered my lost bone & gum tissue around my upper molars & many of my teeth developed root caries due to lack of plaque-removal combined with that atrocious diet. My excuse: Fry was the only Natural Hygienist I knew of & he & I both believed him & we both suffered due to that belief (I also greatly benefitted, eliminating all my need of drugs, my skin problems, my sinus congestion & getting introduced to NH, which I've lived ever since.) The clear-thinking & euphoria which I attributed to my greatly improved mental & physical health appeared to everyone around me as mania bordering on death & their perception was probably more accurate than mine. As a result, eight years later, I still am perceived as a piss-poor role model for health by those who knew me then & no one I know has adopted NH or instinctive nutrition because of my example. Probly what I thought was clear hyper-creative thinking was really "manic thinking", the sort of thinking that some report as the "xeroxing donuts" concept sometimes noted in deep meditation (this wan an example provided by my TM instructor a few years ago; one of her students decided to write down some of the amazing ideas she received & forgot while meditating & when she emerged from her TM session she'd written the solution to world hunger: "Xerox donuts" (seemed a good idea at the time?).

New Name rather than "Natural Hygiene"?--I've been giving this one a lot of thought since '90 & even more since discovering that Instinctive Nutrition is the nutrition part of NH 1/95 & that NH is really mostly "Instinctive Living". However, THAT name, while a good one for NH for the rest of the animals, is not accurate for humans. We ARE the Rational Animals & OUR living is properly guided by BOTH reason & instinct, by BOTH the cerebrum & the hypothalamus ("reason" being mostly needed to guide us in AVOIDING the HARMFUL creations of the cerebrum -- poisons, pollutants, toxins, drugs, chemicals, deranged, cooked fudes, etc.) Still have no name (Rational Instinctive Living -- RIL -- is the closest I've come & mebbe too cumbersome?). This would become the RILM2M. Can you create an appropriate one- or two-word name? Ratinstinctivity just won't make it.[Natural living]--I like that label best of any I've heard so far. THANK YOU!!

[Mineral supplementation -- which are best, best route for delivery?]--Yes, I agree that our soil's depleted, etc. & we need more minerals than we're currently getting. Which source? Best is pulverized river rock (PRR), probably contains most all minerals needed. Ideal might be PRR from various locations? But not for ingestion by humans or animals ... best route for delivery is to spread the PRR 1" or so deep on soil, dig it in & grow your food in that soil. next best is to locate an organic farmer who can raise food for you in that sort of soil. I've still not located such a farmer around here & my own elaborate attempts at growing on the 200 or so sq. ft. of raised beds we created a few years ago were not fruitful. As for "products" from, '90 to '99, I believed none of 'em were useful & all were toxic; as animals, we gotta hire plants to convert inorganic minerals into forms useful for us animals, then thank the plant by killing & eating it (NH ain't pretty, eh? An exception might be if the "dirt" smells & tastes good (& it hasn't been cooked, processed, etc.), eat it, perhaps the bod needs the salt or other minerals in it. Here's a concept Lou & I have been studying since the nearly 70's & which makes sense to me:

ALL minerals on the earth, including those formerly in our rich soil, eventually wash into the sea. The ocean's waters contain every mineral known & unknown. Therefore, it's a natural source for supplementation. >From about '76-'89, every time Lou & I travelled to the ocean, we'd carry five 5-gallon glass bottles, carry 'em as far out into the ocean as possible, fill 'em with ocean water, haul 'em back to the car & home to Tahoe & we'd boil 'em down to about 25th their volume, producing about a gallon of concentrated sea water from which we'd filter the sodium chloride salt. What remained was a 25x concentration saturated solution of all the minerals in the sea, thus all in the world. I found no benefit to this practice after 13 years, except great fun & exercise in gathering & transporting all that water. That experiment was on the advice of Dr. George Crane, MD, father of conservative senator Phil Crane & author of a long series of articles on health in various journals in the 40's thru the 80's.

My present understanding is that drinking those minerals from the sea water does as much good, in the words of Dr. Stone, as eating dirt. They're inorganic, elemental minerals & animals don't seem to assimilate minerals in that form. Only plants can transform Inorganic into the ORGANIC, ionic forms usable by animals. Conclusion: if yer an animal & ya need minerals, hire a plant to transform 'em into stuff you can use. Hence, algae transform the minerals (& concentrates 'em a lot more effectively than I was doing by boiling all that water) AND, even if they never do any good, they're probably harmless & possibly nutritive.

However, Dr. Stone sez they're the answer to my questions about getting enough nutrients out of my food, improving digestion, assimilation, metabolism, building energy reserves, improving body temperature (solving the circulation/cold extremity problem), implementing excretion & detoxification, etc., etc., etc. (all by supplying known & unknown trace minerals that act as catalysts for all the body's processes). He advocates SBGA (Super Blue Green Algae) as the best source. I think a better source would be one where the minerals have been processed thru plants in the ocean rather than an isolated Oregon lake. I'm not convinced that ALL the world's minerals are present in that lake as they are in the ocean.

My present conclusions (aka, opinions):

--The best source of those minerals is uncooked, unprocessed, whole natural food, 100% organically grown in soil remineralized with pulverized river rock, etc..

--If that's not our food , then we're probably not getting the minerals our bodies need to maintain optimum Health

--the only two hi-quality sources of those minerals I know of are our deep sea minerals from 3,000 feet below the surface of the ocean off the Kona coast ... and Health thru Nutrition (HTN)'s Coral Calcium, HTN's crushed Sango Coral exoskeletons

--If I were living a "normal" lifestyle (Standard american Diet -- SAD -- drugs, etc.) I'd use our Biodirected pharmaceutical grade vitamin/Mineral supplement, because I'd need all the hi-grade vitamins & the Nikomanin to counteract the toxins I'd be eating.. That can be ordered (cat #1541)

"Shopping" button at the 5Pillars site

--If I were living Natural Hygiene, which I am, I'd eat Coral Calcium Gold, which I've been doing since July, 2000. Why? here's my thoughts as of August, 2000:

Picavorism, Calcium, etc. Revisited--Years back many of us discussed mineral metabolism for animals & plants, etc. in great detail & new info in the last few weeks prompt me to review & update my thinking on the subject & burden y'all with the results. In the 50's my Dad & read George Crane, MD columns in some of the journals dad subscribed to & he discussed at length that we can't possibly be getting the minerals we need from today's depleted soil & he concluded that those minerals have been washed off our topsoil & into the ocean & therefore we need to eat sea water to get those minerals. Dad & I thought he was crazy, of course & I forgot the concept 'til the 70's, re-studied it & for several years, Lou & I Hauled 5 glass 5 gallon jugs with us 200 miles to the coast, filled 'em up & returned to Tahoe, boiled 'em down to about 1/20th their volume, filtered the solid sediment out (which Lou used instead of store-bought salt) & we'd swallow about a tablespoon a day of the remaining liquid, which I figured represented a saturated solution of every mineral in the sea.

Thru the M2M in the 90's, we learned that one of the basic differences between plants & animals is that plants can successfully convert dirt (inorganic elemental minerals) to the organic ionic form that animals can then use, so eatin' dirt (picavorism) is not useful for animals, including humans 'cause very little of that elemental, inorganic form of the minerals is assimilated & used in our bodies. We also learned that the rampant osteoporosis we've seen in the last few decades is not so much from calcium DEFICIENCY", but from calcium DEPLETION due to the large quantities of phosphates in soft drinks & other acid end-products from cooked animal products, etc. in modern diets. The body buffers those acid end-products by pulling calcium from the bones, etc., since the blood pH must remain very close to 7.4 at any cost or we die. Sometimes the cost is considerable. Some folks say that toxicosis = acidosis & that the acid body is the cause of all disease & that the way to health is to maintain an alkaline body.

I've been monitoring my own saliva & urine pH since 11/99 while experimenting with various supplements (I'd considered them all drugs & quit 'em all in '90) & began experimenting again now that I have an objective way to measure the results (the pH monitoring as recommended by Dr. Ted Morter in his Dynamic Health program -- available thru ).

Our new businss announced their "deep-sea mineral" source from off the coast of Kona, Hawaii last October. These was the ideal source; the minerals had been thru the bodies of plankton & sea creatures & when they died & sunk to the bottom, these minerals lay undisturbed in their ionic form, unmolested by pollution 3,000 feet beneath the ocean for millennia. I tried to contact the company that produces their vitamin/mineral supplement to purchase the raw minerals from the deep sea water they use, 'cause I didn't want all the processed "vitamins" & "Nikkomanin" (some sort of fiber/filler to give folks on the SAD a full, satisfied feeling so they don't overeat so much). They wouldn't sell me the stuff so I settled for the V/M supplement, probably the finest on the planet, for those on SAD (Standard American Diet).

July 28, 2000, I spent half an hour or more on the phone with Kurt Grange, PhD, DN (Naturopathy), a self-admitted Nutritional Biophysicist. He agreed with all we've learned & noted above & added a few insights ... and a source for those elusive minerals!

1--He says the osteoporosis. toxicosis, acidosis, etc. are due to not only calcium (& other mineral) DEPLETION, but also to DEFICIENCY, but of "ionic" calcium, not "elemental" calcium. Guess what the source is for the "ionic" minerals ... yup, PLANTS, or at least organisms that can successfully eat dirt & convert it to the ionic form we can use.

2--Many Japanese researchers have reached the same conclusions we have & began experimenting with CORAL as a source of these minerals. The exoskeletons of coral fit the description of an ionic source for the ocean minerals .... ALL of the minerals.

3--ONE species out of the 2,500 studied so far, Sango Coral, has a composition precisely the same as human bone & apparently contains the precise balance of minerals humans need. This ground up coral is now available in the US in only one mode of delivery: little porous paper bags with the precise amount to add to a liter of distilled water (very important to use distilled water because the minerals very effectively remove chlorine & heavy metals from tap water, but in the process, they lose their ionic bio-availability & pass thru our bodies unused).

4--Within 12 hours of dropping the li'l dirt bags into the water, all the water-soluble minerals are in the water & one drinks the water & enjoys the benefits of the minerals. However, Dr. Grange recommends that instead of discarding the remaining non-water soluble residue, that we swallow the contents of those bags & that the HCl & other body chemicals in our digestive tract make many of those remaining minerals available & he feels they're even more important than the calcium, etc.. So, since 7/28, I've been doing that. I'll report on any results I notice. However, I can't see anything wrong with the logic & the conclusion that this "Coral Calcium" is the finest source of the minerals we're no longer getting from our depleted food, so I ordered a year's supply & that was enough to qualify for a 40% discount from the company, Health Thru Nutrition (HTN) at (800) 765-0140 or...

You may use our ID #68713 to order. Yes, it's a network distribution company & I'm no longer surprised to find that the best products are being marketed that way. it is the most equitable, moral, ethical & effective way to get stuff from producer to user & over 70% of goods & services in Japan are distributed that way & ion this country we're heading in the same direction, now lead by companies like Sprint, Coca Cola, etc.

in the li'l dirt bags from HTN at www.healththrunutrition.com

Late in 1999 Lou & I were introduced to Dr. Ted Morter's Dynamic Health thru contact Jaclyn Elshoff, 3835 49th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714, (727) 525-6810, swen@jtel.net. I did ... and ordered the Dr. Morter program & I've read the manual, listened to the audio tapes, watched the video & decided to experience the program. Seems to be a method for objectively measuring two of the Hygienic Requirements for Health: emotional poise and food intake .... plus recommendations for correcting both. I think it's a great idea & I'll report on it as it happens. The process starts with a two-day acid "challenge" to the body so I assume that requires violating Instincto Stops for two days (aka, poisoning my body) & since I did not look forward to that, I postponed the experiment 'til 11/19.

Due to slow USPS, & the MAXAC, I sent my contribution 11/20, so I'll complete my report in the February ish. 'appy 'olidays!

Why do I keep experimenting?--I'm still postponing a long fast, I still over-eat a bit, under weight-train & under-sleep regularly & 'til I correct those errors, I still have a couple lingering symptoms like persistenT skin lesions, tinnitus, slight nasal congestion in the morning & vision that's slowly not improving.

Why THIS experiment?--This program offers objective measurements of the body's response to foods and thoughts. Objectivity of the formerly subjective always fascinates me.

Water--Dr. Morter sez reverse osmosis-produced water is better for drinking than distilled water & does not say why.

QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Why is RO water better than distilled?[pH Tests for Nutrient & Emotional Over-ride--Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr., BS, MA, DC]--Thanks, Rex for introducing us to this great objective means of monitoring our progress toward Optimum Health! A simple daily measurement of urine & saliva pH gives us an effective handle on our internal environment. Dr. Morter bases his program on the fact that we are alkaline by design & acid by function. Our lymph, blood, bile, pancreatic juice, cerebro-spinal fluid are all alkaline. The body will do whatever it takes to keep those fluids at the correct acid/alkaline level (pH). When we eat incorrectly, taking in "foods" that produce acid as the end product of their metabolism, the body will neutralize (buffer) those acids thru at least three systems:

1--Bicarb--converts strong acids to weaker acids

2--Phosphate--works within cells (intra-cellularly)

3--Protein--works in the blood and within cells--does 80% of the buffering in the body.

As we've learned from Natural Hygiene, Dr. Morter states that the initial cause of all disease is toxicosis & he sez toxicosis = acidosis & that the acidosis starts gradually with a slow onset, progressing thru these symptom stages, noted by Hasker Kritzer, MD in 1921:

1--Exaggerated sense of well-being "I'm perfectly well."

2--Over ambitious, hyperactivity, restless due to irritation of nerves

3--More irritable, disagreeable to friends/family

4--Difficult to please, constantly finding fault

5--Pessimism, sees only negative in everything

6--Can't sleep restfully

7--Tired in morning, "needs" coffee, cigarette

8--Fatigue, undesirable symptoms

9--Body removes alkaline substances from muscle, then calcium from bone to buffer the acid accumulation, resulting in "symptoms" of the various "diseases", depending on which areas in the body are getting depleted.

Dr. Morter sez our foods affect the pH of our urine; our thoughts & memories affect the pH of our saliva.

Beyond the chemistry--Dr. Morter, like Bruno Comby, the commpanies researchers & many others, is integrating quantum physics, quantum mechanics into health practice. Newtonian physics, on which I was educated, is based on the logical concept that the total is the sum of the parts. Quantum physics realizes that with living (& perhaps non-living?) things, the total is MORE than the sum of the parts, and the "more than" represents "information transfer" between the parts. The concept brings together the thoughts of Becker's "Body Electric", the mystic "seers" of the human "aura" the energy body, spiritual body & the work we've been experiencing thru Silver Training & Bob Proctor's teaching on the use of the mind. After a half century of searching, this stuff's finally all coming together & it's exciting!

He mentions Valerie Hunt, a California physiologist who states "Nothing occurs in the physical body 'til it first occurs in "the field". QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Familiar with V Hunt? with her concept of "the field"? Sounds much like Bob Proctor's image of the conscious mind programming the subconscious mind & the subconscious controlling the body, etc.

In one of his audio tapes, Morter suggests that "the field" is "god", perhaps similar to Bernaar's "the god within" (& without, since "the field" extends beyond the body as "the aura" & perhaps extends to infinity? The field controls the structure & movement of the body -- controls everything. The field is pure energy, our essence. Morter & Bob Proctor are as one with the power of thought, affirmations, etc. "every thought is a prayer", "every prayer is answered", "we pray to our field", "thankfulness, faith add positive energy to our field", most of the thoughts most of us think every day add negative energy to our field, that negative energy "yellow over-ride", as Dr. Morter calls it, causes what Natural Hygienists call enervation, which causes the body to respond with what we perceive as symptoms of disease.

5/22/99, Lou & I attended Dr. Brad Nelson's "Balancing the Body Electric" seminar (reported in 6/99 M2M) & he presented "Subluxations" (malpositioned vertebrae) from his chiropractic point of view as the cause of most body problems. Dr. Morter, also a chiropractor, says subluxations occur in the mind of chiropractors. The body is always right, it always positions body parts exactly right (perhaps traumatic re-positioning of body parts beyond the body's ability to re-align them is an exception?).

For me, Dr. Morter's work integrates most of what I've learned of Natural Hygiene, Instinctive Living, Robert Becker's Body Electric, the Five Pillars of Health, Bob Proctor's concepts of the mind, etc. Interesting journey! Again, I strongly recommend anyone interested in optimum Health acquire & implement Dr. Ted Morter's "Dynamic Health" program (Order from Rex' friend, Jaclyn Elshoff, 3835 49th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714, (727) 525-6810, swen@jtel.net).

Stress--Dr. Morter's working definition: "anything that changes the way your body functioning". That sure makes the concept of stress all-encompassing! Includes getting attacked by a rapist & drinking a sip of water.

Dr. Morter suggests a healthy, caring response to negative comment or question (eg, "Have you quit beating your wife?" "Why are your promoting an illegal pyramid that hurts everyone it touches?", "Why are you trying to destroy peoples' health by telling them about Natural Hygiene?" or even just a scam; get a real job."):

"I hope you'll forgive me for not responding to your comment/question because I've already forgiven you for making/asking it."
I don't get the opportunity to use that line anymore, I just haven't heard any negative comments intended to hurt lately.

Turns out that the reason our new busiss far-infrared & bio-magnetic technologies are so effective is that they address that "energy field" beyond our physical bodies & the reason it "doesn't work" for some people is that the "mind" is quite capable of overriding any positive effect of anything, whether it's food, exercise or magnetic energy, with negative thoughts, feelings, memories (eg, with horses, magnetic & far-infrared technologies, properly applied, ALWAYS work)! Morter's program is probably an essential part of our journey toward Optimal Health, so I hereby recommend it to anyone interested in attaining that OH goal. (Order from Rex' friend, Jaclyn Elshoff, 3835 49th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714, (727) 525-6810, swen@jtel.net).

Back to the subject:

"Salivary pH is a tool for evaluating whether your body is responding to internal (mental and emotional) stimuli in ways that can lead to long-term health or long-term disease. Saliva pH tests can also provide clues to the condition of your alkaline reserve, but urine pH monitoring does a better job of that." [and, as we've observed for 30 years, salivary pH is also affected by the acid waste products of the bacteria in your dental plaque--rw].

Normally, when the body experiences an "acid threat" (eg, sucking on a lemon) the pH of the saliva immediately shoots up (the saliva becomes more alkaline) in response. Morter sez that if there's an "emotional threat" (like unpleasant memories we're carrying from some past hurt or injustice) it may be more powerful than the physical acid threat & override the acid threat & the saliva does NOT become more alkaline ... & may even become more acid! So his "acid test" for saliva is just that:

1--after having no food for 2 hours (water OK), slobber on a piece of pH paper {the paper he includes in his kit registers from pH 5.5 to 8.0 -- he sells it thru Morter Health System, 1000 West Poplar, Rogers, AR 72756, (800) 874-1478 & suggests reordering thru Tru-Vantage International, 5940 W. Touby Ave., Niles, IL 60714, (800) 281-4450} & record the pH reading read from the color chart included with the pH paper

2--suck on a piece of lemon 'til the lemon taste permeates your mouth

3--discard the lemon & swallow four times "that fourth swallow may be difficult"

4--wet the pH paper with your saliva again (without touching the paper to tongue or lips) & compare the color with the original
His workbook & audio tape explain the meaning of the color change, whether from acid to alkaline, vv, or no change, in each range of the pH paper. The program also gives detailed recommendations for improving food intake & emotional state depending on each combination of pH recordings. Pretty interesting stuff.

Here's the promised report on Lou's & my experience with his 30-day Dynamic Health program:

1--The Program starts with a two-day "acid challenge" to the body to make the initial urine pH test meaningful. We ate ONLY acid-ash foods for two days, 11/19-20/99 ... & LOTS of 'em, mostly hi-protein stuff--the ones on the list that aren't cooked or processed, to which I had access, are chicken, corn, eggs, honey, salmon, walnuts & I ate those exclusively for the two days, mostly chicken. I did not enjoy that part of the experiment, drank about a gallon of distilled water a day as opposed to my usual 2-4 oz. & de-toxed thru the skin of my scalp and face for a few days after.

2--We measured the pH of our first urine on the morning of the third day, 11/21, by sticking a piece of the paper in the pretty yellow stream & comparing the color to the chart included with the paper. The healthy response to this acid challenge is highly ACID urine, demonstrating a healthy alkaline reserve, which is effectively ridding the body of all that unhealthful acid, thru the urine. We both passed that test nicely ... and are now paper-trained!

3--We returned to our original food intake (mine is as described each ish at the end "Personal stuff", Lou's is more SAD, 'tho in very minute quantities -- Lou has one of the most efficient metababolisms I've ever seen. She weighs about 150# at 5' 8" & eats roughly one quarter of the quantity I do, partly 'cause I still greatly over-eat, but mostly 'cause she just eats very little food & has since I met her in '68).

4--We monitored our morning urine pH & our salivary pH every few days following the procedure described above.

RESULTS: We were impressed enough to call Dr. Ted, consulted briefly by FAX, then schedule an initial visit for both of us with Dr. Don Williams, DC, a local Grass Valley, CA, student of Dr. Morter & full-time user & provider of the program, as well as Morter's BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST). My first request was a more extensive list of acid & alkaline ash foods than the 40 or so each listed in Dr. Morter's book. Don's pleasant wife, Shari, faxed me approximately the same list, which included an index of just how effective the body is in using each food to deplete or replace our alkaline reserve. The index assumes an "neutral" acid ash food as zero, then shows the alkaline ash foods ranging from watermelon &Y apple at +5 to raw spinach at +556 (the body is 100 times more effective at replenishing alkaline reserves with spinach than with apples) and the acid ash foods from corn at -2 to scallops at -226 (the body depletes its alkaline reserves 100 times more on scallops than corn). I've included the two charts with a request that Bob either print 'em, or better, print a much more complete list or a source from which we can obtain a more complete list. (I thought it odd that Dr. Williams been emphasizing the overwhelming importance of acid/ash waste foods for 15 years & can't tell me where to learn which is which). When I asked for a way to tell which is which on my own: "well fruits & vegies are usually alkaline ash producing & high protein & animal foods are usually acid-waste." Yeahbutt, that "usually" bothers me. They're probably the ones I'd be pigging on if they smelled great, trying to balance my pH (like almonds are alkaline ash producing, walnuts are acid, dried beans are alkaline, peanuts are acid, blueberries & cranberries are acid-producing, blueberries are alkaline, mushrooms are alkaline, plums & prunes are acid??!? So, many of the foods I've eaten in the last week, I don't know for sure: coconut, macadamia nuts, jicama, papaya, mango, cheramoya, kiwi, cantaloupe (I'm assuming they're alkaline but the coco & mac nuts, but dunno.

QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: I remember this acid/alkaline waste discussion here years ago but can't find any mention of it in MY contributions (searching on WordPerfect, I've apparently never used the term "acid ash" 'til this issue!?). Can you guide me to past issues for details?

By next issue, we should have interesting news to report from our experiences with Dr. Williams ... as well as results from the current experiment: without going into all the whys & hows, here's how I'm altering the Instinctive Nutrition part of life: each morning (& any other time I'm curious & haven't eaten in two hours) I'll test my urine pH & my salivary pH before & after sucking on a chunk of lemon. Unless BOTH the urine AND the "after the lemon" saliva tests blue (above 6.8 pH), I'll include no acid ash foods from which I select for intake that day. I'll do that from 1/15-2/15 & report to you 4/00.

A technique from Dr. Morter for ridding yourself of negative feelings, memories--If you notice negatives that keep coming up on a daily basis (anger, revenge, sadness, resentment, guilt -- the big energy-robbers)

1--Bring up the memory of the unpleasant event, where we were injured, hurt, attacked or where we did or didn't say or do

2--Hold your breath

3--Imagine that event in exquisite detail, in full color

4--Keep holding your breath

5--Bring in all five senses, VIVIDLY--Dwell on it

6--Keep holding your breath

7--When your need to breathe overcomes your need to hold onto that negative experience, learn why you are truly grateful and thankful that that experience happened and WHY, then breathe

9--Test it by seeing if the negative comes up daily; if it does, you didn't truly believe that you're thankful & grateful for the experience & know why & what you learned from it.

Dr. Morter's Dynamic Health program, CFS, pride in ignorance, unsolicited advice, etc.--Here's most of a note I sent to four people I care about, ignoring my own advice:

"After 30 years of unpopular & politically incorrect research & auto-experimentation in dozens of unconventional & usually socially unacceptable approaches to optimal Health, I've concluded that most people do not want health advice. Most folks simply would like to be handed Optimal Health with no effort on their own (hence the appeal of our new business' products, most of which take no effort -- other than purchase & initial placement-- to gain the benefits).

So I give advice in only two circumstances:

1--Someone seriously asks me for it (eg, our dental clients)

2--When someone's behavior is harming me or Lou (eg, Julie & Dr. Don flaunting their ignorance of bio-magnetics & far-infrared technology to our team & clients while refusing to become informed, Erik living in our home while complaining of dying, etc.)

And even then, that "advice" is only in the form of "If it were MY body experiencing what your's is experiencing, here's what I'd do....". I don't think you fit into either of those categories right now, so I don't intend by offering you Dr. Morter's info to be offering advice. When I heard of Dr. Morter thru Rex Harrill, author of the book on "BRIX" & a meticulous investigator & experimenter who recently joined our Natural Health M2M, I ordered the program, listened to the 6 audio tapes (here's the first), the video (enclosed) read the workbook & Lou & I began the program 11/19/99.

What appealed to me & what I thought might interest you was the idea of an OBJECTIVE measurement of the body's response to "things" (in this case, response to foods & emotions). Seemed to me that would be a valuable tool. The fact that the simple tool he's teaching is testing the pH of urine & saliva, easy & completely non-invasive ... and we've been testing & recording salivary pH of thousands of our clients since '72.

PS--For Dick & Art, whose bodies are apparently experiencing similar uric acid balance symptoms, I'd also add "If it were my body ... I'd also wear the enclosed far-infrared reflecting "golf sox" (which also contain 14% copper filaments) and the enclosed magnetic insoles (which in the last 24 years have helped over 30 million folks world-wide).

Enjoy life! Enclosed--Dr. Morter's audio #1, Golf Sox, MagStrides"

I care enough about y'all, also, to violate my own advice, so, if you send me a SASE ($.77 postage) I'll send the first few requestors a copy of Dr. Morter's #1 audio & the rest a note to contact those first few people to receive it from them. Probably Jaclyn & Dr. Morter will not mind my duplicating without permission for the purpose of encouraging y'all to buy his program. If you're interested in a tool to objectively measure your progress toward health, regardless of the path you chose, get the Program!

Results of sending that note to the four people: they all thanked me for caring enough to send it, they all claimed they listened & they all completely ignored the info & are continuing along the same path that caused their problems initially. Kinda reinforces my notion about trying to teach pigs to sing; just wastes your time & annoys the pigs.

Ted Morter Dynamic Health--Lou & I have been visiting Don Williams, DC in Nevada City, CA for several months now. Don's one of Dr. Morter's top & most active students. As of 8/00, Dr. Don claims we're both progressed to the point where we can maintain without regular visits to his office. So far I've noticed no significant changes in my health, physically or emotionally. My pH readings continue to erratically & slowly improve & Lou's blood pressure, which had been healthfully low for years, has returned to those low levels & she's much more calm & able to deal with stress much more positively, all of which she attributes to Dr. William's care.

Here's a section from Dr. Ted Morter's Webpage at www.morter.com:

Welcome to the world of B.E.S.T.

Symptoms are the body's signal that something is not operating properly. The most effective and lasting way to remove a symptom is to remove the cause of the symptom.

Morter HealthSystems' Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is a holistic program that coordinates and balances the workings of all the systems of the body.

B.E.S.T. health care is non-forceful, painless, non-intrusive, and effective. The procedures (maybe unlike any you have encountered before) have been used for over a decade to help thousands of people feel better and be healthier.

B.E.S.T. procedures communicate with the sensory system - the controlling centers of the body - to signal that the body can begin functioning naturally and healing itself.

B.E.S.T. health care is directed toward relieving symptoms and allowing your body to function as perfectly as it was designed.

OPTIONAL TOPIC: "National Health Care"--Gee, I do happen to have an opinion & Wardman was foolish enough to ask about it & now YOU get the choice to read about it or not. What an opportunity! FIRST, all hygienists know that, except for possibly repair from accidents & such, there AIN'T no "National" health care, only INDIVIDUAL health care. The ONLY entity that can provide health for anyone is that person's mind/body & that only requires healthful living. If government schools had been properly abolished generations ago, obvious truth could have surfaced & we might have a nation of enlightened Hygienists & the "Health Care" issue would be a non-entity.

SECOND--"Health care", even if it COULD be provide from outside one's own bod, is FAR too important (like roads, mail, food production, police, etc.) to be trusted to the humanoids who call themselves "government". Individual honest, caring people can provide ANY service better, faster & cheaper than government.

THIRD--The government has never attempted to provide "health care" anyhow. It's the same "disease care" that the medical establishment has been providing for millennia, it's just more expensive & asinine when administered by government.

What's the Free Market Alternative?--It's called "Project Healthy Choice" & features five points:

1--Establish Medical Savings Accounts--Let anyone who chooses dump whatever money (s)he wants in a TAX-EXEMPT MSA, similar to the token "IRA". Money can be withdrawn anytime to pay medical expenses. This keeps the responsibility for controlling costs in the hands of the USER of the services, not some bureaucracy.

2--Restructure tax policy--All health-care expenditures 100% tax-deductible whether paid by individual, employer or insurance carrier.

3--Deregulate the health care industry--Eliminate mandated "benefits", repeal of "Certificate-of-need" program, elimination of gummint licensure to encourage expanded functions for para-medics & others. Phase-out of alphabet agencies, OSHA, FDA, DEA, ATF, etc. These alone have DOUBLED medical & dental costs.

4--Replace the FDA with private voluntary certification similar to Underwriters Laboratories certifies electrical appliances. There's already such a private organization founded by an incorruptible Mormon that's been providing that service for dental products for 25 years (Clinical Research Associates, CRA, Provo, UT).

5--Privatize Medicare & Medicaid

Project Healthy Choice is a gift from the Libertarian Party, (800) 682-1776.

[What about the "medical monopoly"]--Same answer as the "dental monopoly", "lawyers monopoly", "plumbers' monopoly", they're all "government monopolies". The problem is not the medics, dentists, plumbers or lawyers..... well, maybe the problem IS the lawyers.... it's the concept of "LICENSING". Folks think "Licensing" means that the benevolent government, in all its wisdom has determined that I'm qualified to provide dental care to its subjects, er, 'citizens' & therefore generously grants me permission to do that. BS! What they've done is take YOUR right to provide dental care away from you by force of the gun. We ALL had rights to enter any profession we chose & provide whatever service people would purchase from us as long as we did no harm. What's needed to cure the "monopoly" problem is to get gummint OUT of the franchise & licensing biz. Simple.


1--NH is NOT just strict vegetarianism. & it's not just fasting & it's not just standing up with one's eyes closed in the sun & it's not X amount of sleep or aerobic activity or resistance training or sex or productive work or emotional poise or meaningful relationships. NH is LIVING ACCORDING TO NATURAL LAW = ACCORDING TO REALITY = RATIONAL LIVING.

2--Most people adopt NH ONLY after trying EVERY possible way to continue living unhealthfully before they're forced to "try" anything as drastic & difficult as living according to their nature, so, except for those few Hygienists raised from birth on the NH lifestyle, MOST of us got into NH LATE, after our bodies & minds were nearly totally destroyed by non-healthful living. Despite this, there ARE lots of super-healthy hygienists (Tom Stone, Aspasia, Ron Weston, the NH speakers & gurus, Dr. Bernarr, Helen Kopp.

3--Anyway, what's the ALTERNATIVE to NH? Yeah, living UNhealthfully, eating toxic stuff, soaking up excess sunshine, over-or under activity, or my favorite, which I'm doing this instant, punching this twaddle into the M2M at 11 PM instead of grabbing the energy-regenerating SLEEP that I need far more than preaching to my mentors.

Here's some ideas on what foods we're biologically adapted to eat--from '94 or so, in response to an article published in the Natural Hygiene M2M Newsletter:

Human Evolution--[What we evolved on is what we are adapted to]--I agree. I also find the evolution of man story fascinating & very much enjoyed reading your lucid summary of exactly the issues of interest to this weird NH student. Thank you. Your Timeline is masterfully presented & beautifully done. It's a MAJOR time-saver & very helpful for me. It saves me repeating the research you've so thoroughly done. I'm planning to make a graphic display of this timeline & add stuff to it during my next half-century on the planet. Extreme thanks for the foundation & first story for this project!!:-) This sort of thing could be edited into valuable reports that you could market thru the Terra Libra economy, along with much of the other scholarly works you've produced for the M2M (& probably a bunch more that we M2M folks have never seen--you be a talented & prolific creator of info--info that's valuable to some people).

Hey, y'all, Ward found that our ancestors weighed about two lbs & ate mostly bugs for 20 million years, first carefully picking the bugs off the fruit & gradually becoming frugivores. Now, 30 million years later, we still carefully pick the bugs off the fruit & eat the FRUIT. Ward's getting back on track by eating more of the bugs, well, LARGE bugs.;-) Anyhow, all the evidence you found tends to reinforce what 20 years of gummint-controlled schools taught me: I'm an omnivore. That's disappointing, I was enjoying this vegetarian experiment mainly based on my BELIEF that I'm physiologically, anatomically & biochemically a vegetarian. Now I'm experiencing extreme cognitive dissonance. You've done a fine job, Wardolfski! I'll stick with the veggie intake 'til I've given the "adequate sleep" part of NH a fair chance....then, perhaps an intermittent morsel of uncooked animal? I suspect my REAL reason for not adding raw animal to my diet NOW is the fear that it may necessitate a fast to eliminate if I'm wrong....I didn't really enjoy my two short fasts & don't look forward to more. QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Any experience, facts about the joys of ingesting raw animals or re human adaptation to assimilate ANY cooked food?

[100,000 generations as hunter/gatherers vs. 500 as agriculturists] is powerful evidence for inclusion of a tad bit of dead animals in our diet. I doubt that 500 generations is enough for our physiology to change drastically. You imply that we've had about 50,000 generations to adapt to pyrolyzed food (cooking) I wonder. Any evidence to show biochemical or anatomical or physiological differences between human all other species' digestive/assimilative/eliminative systems that would allow us to effectively used thermally altered nutrients? Did you run across convincing evidence of actual use of "cooking" 50K generations back?

[Gorillas & chimps share 98% of our genes]--Interesting...& new to me. To get a perspective, what % do we share with rabbits, cats, pigeons, ants & amoebae?

Raw vs. Dead--From the point of view of the organism, death is when the major organs quit functioning. From the point of view of the 'eater', death is when the CELLS quit functioning. There's probably a span of minutes-to-hours between organism death & cell death when the dead animal is still 'live food' to the eater....& probably hours-to-millennia for various plant foods, like those grains from the tombs in the pyramids. Incidently, Lou & I are more concerned with the li'l bit of heated oils you're ingesting than with the little bit of dead animals. Her recommends baked, poached or steamed fish instead of greased & especially likes the taste of fish cooked wrapped in foil with zero spices or anything added

Thanks to Y'all!!: Chet Day published an entire December issue of Health & Beyond devoted to my dental drivel, thanks to YOU!! Most of the stuff he included was in answer to questions YOU asked that inspired me to do all that thinking & writing. I just read the issue (12/5). Chet did a masterful job of organization & my part's pretty good -- for a dental expert & "intermediate" student of Natural Hygiene (who didn't yet understand Anopsology -- now I gotta re-think/re-write much of that stuff!!). He's foolishly devoted the entire January H&B to this "dentistry from a NH perspective" also! I seriously doubt that such info is available ANYWHERE -- I sure couldn't find it, despite a lot more effort & time & years searching for it than YOU'RE foolish enough to invest! If the subject interests you, click here

Holism--You kindly asked that I contribute my answer from 12/94 H&B: "By the way, the term "holistic" can be misleading. It's sposta mean treating the body/mind as an integrated "whole", much greater than the sum of its parts, rather than "treating" a part (eg, a tooth) without regard to the owner of that part. It's come to mean, instead, any "therapist" who uses therapies other than those accepted by the medical establishment. I question if those additional "therapies" imply a truly "wholistic" approach & I suspect that many of those practitioners are treating the body as a "hole" (into which to dump drugs, potions, supplements, etc. & out of which to extract money)."

[Tongue-in-cheek answers?]
I try to entertain & MOST of my answers are dead literally serious regarding dentistry & freedom.

Need Milk?--"Humans no more need the milk of a cow than they need the milk of a horse or a giraffe"--Michael Klaper, MD

[Pottenger Cats Experiment]--Yes, I DO think we've been messing up by thermally deranging our food for millennia & I DON'T think we've had time to evolve digestion/assimilation processes for cooked food (we're just fairly well "tolerating" it). About 1910 America switched from veg-based to animal-based food intake & greatly increased chemical intake (sucrose, nicotine, caffeine, preservatives, pesticides, pollutants, etc.)

New Age ideas--I nominate Dr. C's quote as my favorite opinion re New Age-anything (especially music & New World Order): "New Age ideas have more to do with religion and mysticism than with biology and Hygiene."

--Some folks talk like our government is similar to the Mafia. That's absurd! They're as different as night and day. One operates by day & the other....

["Life has taught me to think, but thinking has not taught me to live"]--Yes, GREAT quote. More evidence for IN! I usta think it was a virtue to control EVERYTHING consciously, my blood pressure, pulse, bleeding rate, clotting time & spent quite a bit of effort to learn to do so, mostly 'cause medical school taught me that all this stuff was under involuntary control & the conscious mind could NOT control it. STUPID waste of effort! I shudda spent the time/effort in learning to delegate even MORE to the subconscious "instincts" (like food selection) & freed up the conscious mind for more productive functions like thinkin' up all these brilliant pearls. Thank you Bob, that's a truly profound quote!

Great Wonderful Mind-expanding Personal Discoveries--

'55--I'm 'different' than the other kids

'56--sexual orgasm

'59--overpopulation is the cause of most problems on this planet & voluntary sterilization for all humans accepting medical care is a solution

'65--Objectivism, leading to Libertarianism, then anarchism (more accurately "autocracy", self-government) click here for details (*8)

'71--Preventive Dentistry, leading to Preventive Medicine, Alternative Medicine & a marvelous challenging & successful dental practice

'81--Natural Hygiene

'89--Synergistic Group Practice

'92--Ward's NH-M2M!!

'93--Terra Libra, leading to "Discovery of Freedom", autocracy & also to:

'95--ANOPSOLOGY -- Instinctive Nutrition!

'97--World Health, Balanced Life, True Liberty. Click here for details.

Milk--A good friend, Patti Graham, FAX'd me pgs 112 & 113 from "The complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing" by Daniel Reid, pub 1994 by Shambhala, Boston. I'm forwarding it to Ward in case he wants to include it: "....calves fed on pasteurized milk from their own mother cows usually die within six weeks.... cow's milk has four times the protein and only half the carbohydrate content of human milk; pasteurization destroys the natural enzymes in cow's milk required to digest its heavy protein content", so it putrefies rather than digesting & the toxins cause acne, catarrh, mucus, allergic reactions, calcium deposits in joints, asthma, ear infections, ovarian tumors & cysts, even infertility, much of which can be eliminated by eliminating all dairy products from the diet.

Shelton the Objectivist--His paragraph on "fixed principles" clearly paints his brand of Hygienist as a solid Objectivist & those pursuing the "therapy/curing" mentality as Pragmatists. Pragmatism is the antithesis of Objectivism, yes, Jerry?

Shelton on "Hygienic Purity"--Beautifully appropriate article. Thank you for sharing it. My favorite quotes: "Truth is always an extremist".

Shelton on the "therapy mentality"--"....one is not a Hygienist who mixes his Hygiene with the therapeutic modalities of the drugless schools or with the poisons of the drug schools........they may be good men, honest, truthful, sincere; they are not Hygienists" "The laws of nature are greater than the greatest men of all the schools of curing", "If they [the "therapists", "curists"] take the "wisdom of man" as if it has accumulated through the ages, and attempt to guide themselves by it; we take the principles of nature, as they were at the beginning, and conform to them." However, we need BOTH. Primarily, we need the "wisdom of man" to help guide us away from some of the more harmful "creations of man":

[Animals smarter than humans regarding eating & other instincts?]--Not smarter, humans just have the option of using their reason to over-ride their instincts & in food selection, once perverted foods are eliminated, "instinct" is a better guide in what to eat & how much than is reason.

{Gummint]--Yes, everything government says is a lie; everything government has, it has stolen. Neitzche?

[Raw White Corn]--YES!! Delicious!! Even a few normal people I know enjoy it! And I have eaten enough to get an occasional instinctive Stop!

[Eatin' dirt & "germs"]--Yup, me, too. I'm not adverse to eatin' a bit of dirt. Usually don't wash food from organic gardens, don't mind eating stuff that's dropped on the floor. There's some decent evidence that folks eating primarily vegie fare obtain some necessary trace elements & perhaps B12 from such sources. Lotsa fun at our office a coupla years ago when the AIDS hoax/scare was so popular that one of our assistants was AUTOCLAVING her forks & spoons before shovelling the plates full of toxins into her body with 'em!! Thank you for the SANITY!!

[Easter's End]--Sad & interesting piece. Lou located a TV documentary that parallel this study on Easter Island. Worth watching (my only TV viewing in August) [Earth's inhabitants have no emigration valve. We can no more escape into space that the Easter Islanders could flee into the ocean] If they'd developed the technology to build ships, instead of destroying their island, they coulda & I've believed for a decade or so that if WE develop the technology to discover & migrate to the millions of earth-like planets in this universe, that we can escape too. In the last year of study on Instinctive nutrition, contemplating the possibility that it would take humans mebbe 1 1/2 MILLION years to evolve to the point our instincts could handle a change such as eating cooked food healthfully, it may be VERY unlikely that we could ever find a planet SO earth-like that the micro organism, DNA structure of life forms, etc. would be handleable by our presently evolved capacities. Depressing. 8-(

[Truth does not live on or between extremes, but in or at extremes]--BEAUTIFUL! Ayn Rand would be proud of you, too! THANK YOU!!

[From the cowardice that shrinks from new truths, from the laziness that is content with half-truths and from the arrogance that thinks it knows all truths, oh god of truth, deliver us]--Beautiful Hebrew Prayer.

[How do I accomplish all I seem to do?]--Same as Shelton, Fry, other idiots. I do it unhealthfully. By sacrificing more important things like sleep & relationships to overwork ('tho not overw**k!) & "accomplishing" stuff .... plus living in a great deal of clutter & disorganization. Not recommended.

[Diluting sweet fruit with celery, romaine]--Yes, I did that for a year or so. Now, incorporating Instincto, I'll "pre-dilute" it by eating the celery or lettuce first.

[World's best nut cracker]--You asked for source, perhaps others wanna know, too: ANY decent hardware store, ask for 7" ViseGrip; the most versatile for fixing anything mechanical -- I must have at least a dozen of 'em between cars, home & office. WONDERFUL opener for ALL nuts.

[Overeating, if it fills a mental void, is preferable to alcohol, drugs, etc.]--Yeah, I usta think so, too, being a lifetime over-eater (still am). However I.N. teaches that when the body doesn't need/want a substance that would be "food" if the body DID want/need it, the enzymes, digestive processes, etc. necessary to process the substance as "food" are not functioning & the substance putrefies, ferments, etc. & becomes as toxic as a drug. Mebbe why it's been noted that drunks have better chance of living a long life than we gluttons?

[Possible to have the technological advances AND stay with our natural diet?]--Of course, we just need to be intelligent about using our technology & delegating to our instincts. It shall be done (if humans are to survive).

["no-work" method of gardening by Ruth Stout]
--The Much hay mulch approach, mentioned by you & Nick near the end of M2M#25 sure appeals to me QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: had similar good experience with this method?

Nuts!!--(since coming to the unpleasant conclusion that most of the nuts I've been eating -- even since switching to in-shell nuts from Jaffe, with the owner's written statement that they've never been heated above 105øF -- are "cooked fude". They're apparently dead, unable to germinate & I've not yet found a source of "live" nuts, 'cept for you guys, of course ;-) {PLEASE HELP FIND A SOURCE!!}, I'm relying more on avocadoes & animal foods & I'd much prefer plant fat than animal fat, 'tho the uncooked bird & rodent --rabbit -- fat tastes pretty good, 'specially after hanging in my makeshift air drier a few days -- which may be physically healthful but it ain't helping' my relationship with Lou!

Duck Eggs--We hit three farmers' markets on the 8-hr trip home from Helen Jean's NH Camp 7/27, two of which sold us wonderful white corn & free-range duck eggs. Are they delicious & delectable. Yes, my first experience, the eggs tasted like vanilla milkshakes & the yolks like roasted duck & I did not separate them & I apologize to y'all whose consciousness' ain't yet opened to uncooked animal products. I understand, I was there for six years, wrote & fought passionately for King Vegan & I love you. :-)

[Indonesian Durian]--If you can get it fresh, I'd pay up to $30/fruit for 2-3 of 'em. Deborah & Zephyr brought me two frozen ones & they were tasty, but did not produce any oral orgasm or pleasure-beyond-compare as I'd hoped; I'll try to remember to call you around 8/15, about the time you read this (unless you've saved this M2M to read while travelling).

[Kitty Bonding]--I've noticed that since adding a bit of dead animal to my food intake 1/95, that Kori's much more likely to hang around me (for 10 years she's been mostly Lou's dog) but I dunno if this "bonding" is 'cause she can sense a fellow carnivore or because she gets those bones after I rip the sarcomere off'n 'em.

Food Intake--usually no hunger before noon, so no food 'cept cassia -- approx CALORIC averages over last month: Fruit 30%, Vegies 50% (Sea vegies <1%, "Young Sprouts" 7%, Seeds, Avocadoes 5%, other veg 37%), Fowl 20% (raw fertile chicken/duck eggs, raw free range chicken, duck, game hen, etc.). I THINK (hope?) that the "20% animal" intake is just a corrective phase compensating for my previous 5-year strict vegan routine & I suspect that by next ish the bod will be signalling for no more than 4-5% animal products, mebbe 0!! But for now, Mother Instincto sez that duck fat sure is tasty, 'specially if it's hung a few days in my li'l home-made low-temp air drier -- can y'all forgive me?

[Sandals]--Inspired by Zephyr last summer, my first step toward living without shoes was to substitute my faithful Birkenstocks for running shoes for a few long back-country hikes & mt. bike trips. WONDERFUL but expensive; the Birkies self-destructed! I've purchased Teva's (sandals designed & tested for toughness by Colorado river boat guides). Running in sandals is a great & comfy feeling, saves sock-changing time & gets the foots in contact with mother air & one step closer to mother earth. Wish I'd figured out this step a few decades back!

[Life is about two things, loving & learning]--& so's the M2M, thanks, Ward!!

[Oops, pimples, of course I need another fast]--Instinctos would say that if food smells great & tastes delectable, you probly DON'T need fast & if ya wanna speed up the detox & perhaps re-channel it from epidermis to GI tract, where it belongs, eat cassia each morning (assuming it tastes/smells delicious!) Apparently the body usually reacts to cassia by opening the membranes to allow toxins to pass out of body parts into the blood & out of the blood into the GI tract for elimination & if you eat too much, lots of body fluids also follow that path -- sometimes quite rapidly, necessitating change of underwear (or carpet, if you're too natural for underwear).

[Take glandular extracts if you must take something]--Still suffering from Therapy mindset symptoms, eh? How bout "take" herbs? After spending a few days with Keith Hess, wildcrafter/herbologist, Eurhythmic performer tromping thru the mountains around here (beautiful experience), I've learned that herbs are most any part of most any plant that are useful "medicinally". We collected samples of seven different ones on his last trip, all growing wild in our Sierra: root of Sweet Root & flowers/stems of Elephant Head, Mallo, Mugwort, Gentian & Monardella & they're now smelling up our kitchen, hanging from the ceiling drying peacefully. And yesterday, 8/12, my order arrived from Dry Creek Herb Farm.

[Restaurant strategy]
--The "request raw meat" tactic is now even MORE effective! For awhile, nearly all restaurants would bring raw fish or animal without batting an eye. Lately, possibly due to some new regulations by outta control bureaucrats, more restaurants have chefs or owners who send the wait-person back with the "no can do" message, which is GREAT; while I'm willing to eat the raw fish/game if they bring it, I really prefer to NOT eat the quality of animals most restaurants serve & when the wait-person returns after (s)he's promised raw food & must tell me (s)he can't provide it, that person's on my side & will do ANYTHING to please, including PERSONALLY creating a beautiful raw veggie feast, which is what I prefer anyhow!

[Plants getting all the nutrients we need from the air]--Not all the NUTRIENTS, just stuff they can make from the carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen & oxygen which make up our air. Plants can't make MINERALS out of those four elements, just all the vitamins 'cept B12, with that damn cobalt molecule, etc.

[Ethics of Carno-veganism]--If the feeble cannibalism issue is so important that it deserves regression in every M2M, I'm tempted to believe that the ethical argument for vegetarianism's not worth further discussion. Ward's done more research on all this than I ever will & concludes that a moderate amount of animal & cooked food's OK & probably required for Optimum Human Health. I've so far concluded that our instincts are the best judge of which INITIAL UNPROCESSED, UNCOMBINED, UN-COOKED food we need, when & how much & that all the cerebration about biological, chemical, anatomical, physiological, developmental, evolutionary & ethical stuff is just wasteful mental masturbation & since I enjoy that as much as anyone, let's DO 'splore the where to draw the line issue a bit! Where do YOU draw the line? The most logical place is between plants & animals, right? & by the basic chemical/physiological definition: plants can live on inorganic, non-live things, animals can only live by eating other living things. So, if you draw the line THERE, on a moral basis, wouldn't it be morally & ethically more appropriate to kill & eat the ANIMALS who've "sinned" by killing & eating other plants or animals rather than by punishing the highly moral, ethical, compassionate, passive, non-killing PLANTS by killing & eating THEM? Yes, I do feel more comfortable not eating anything with a face, petting rather than ripping the head off the little bunny, etc. & I valued those arguments during my five vegan years. I still know & value those feelings. So, where do I draw the line? I guess I don't. I'd probably eat anything needed to assure my Optimum Health & I'd probly kill it first, if necessary. And relax; while you're probably far less toxic than normal humans, I'm still unable to imagine humans as an appealing food source, perhaps due to my perverted upbringing, study in philosophy, religion, etc. Anyhow, the cannibal argument is pretty weak; I can't picture a scenario in which the only food choice is humans or nothin' & if I were placed in such a situation, I'd likely not choose to live in a world where there was nothin' to eat but other people, so would not likely kill & eat 'em. So, get real, my friend; survival ain't pretty ... but it IS beautiful & I'm for it.

[Is it proper to call the meat you dry "pemmican"]--No. The Oxford Eng Dict. sez pemmican is processed cooked fude: dried lean meat, pounded into mush, mixed with melted fat, formed into cakes flavored with currants, etc. Used by soldiers, arctic explorers, travelers for high nutrient content in small bulk. It ain't food. I simply hang the meat (mostly foul the last year or so) for 1-4 days or so & let it dry a bit at about room temperature, 'tho the primitive drier I built is outside & I added a 25w appliance bulb hanging in the middle this winter to prevent freezing. Specs? Not important; any container would work & I suspect there must be a better commercial unit somewhere -- I just couldn't find one in several months of catalog searching & phone calls. What I wanted was a way to allow the meat to hang & age/dry a bit without getting over 105ø or under 32ø F & without exposure to insects. My solution was a wooden wine crate about 12x20x8" with massive holes cut thru front & back for air circulation & covered inside with a furnace air filter to keep bugs out. A dozen small cup hooks screwed into the inside top support chunks of meat hung from paper clip s-hooks. I added a pancake fan from an old x-ray processor to move a little air -- those fans are easily available from electronic store or catalog. The movement of air seems to keep flies, etc. interested in the EXHAUST end of the box so they don't seem to fly thru the filter to get inside. I don't separate fat from the meat; it hangs there as it comes off the dead bird; in fact, the fat seems the most appealing part of this ugly experience.

[Sugar]--Perhaps I AM a relative expert on this one, probably having read & observed more in the last 30 years than most? My conclusion: I agree with you AND your niece ... AND your "friends": processed sucrose is a drug, not a food & probably one of the most toxic drugs. AND don't worry about it. It's probably more toxic to eat Instincto-quality super-food while worrying than to eat toxic SAD while serene. Serenity produces a toxin-elimination system that WORKS, eliminating the crap we eat; worry incapacitates our digestion/assimilation/metabolism/elimination processes, allowing real nutritious food to become toxins AND be retained as poisons in the bod?!?

[Raw fooders can eat according to blood type, can't they?]-Sure, so can Instinctos. I was interested in "verifying" the blood type diet concept by comparing it's recommendations to what my body's been signalling since attempting to eat instinctively since '93. Wasted an hour of my day off searching my files for a medical record of my blood type. I don't know what it is & to my best memory it's A, Rh+, but I'm not sure & probly won't allow time to have it tested. If it IS "A", then the "agrarian" label probly fits, 'cause I was happy on the vegan diet for 5 years & am doing well tapering off my 1-2 year 'speriment with adding animal stuff to the diet. Interesting.

Cetyl Myristoleate--Doesn't sound like a food, does it? Well, it acts like a food & the researchers claim it's a food & lots of folks complaining about lots of achy joints, & various fibrous tissue problems quit complaining within days or weeks.Y'all might want to check out the information on cetyl myristoleate.

Discipline, strength, reality & BS--Why does a prolonged period of self-abuse (in my case, lack of adequate sleep for several weeks?) seem to precede a bout of clear-thinking, insights, visions? Is it that stress pushes the mind/body into survival mode & since the mind is man's tool for survival, it goes into over-drive? This is still the ONLY consistent correlation I've learned from my 7-year "activity log", where I've recorded my food, rest, activity, symptoms, physical, emotional, intellectual, etc. levels.

Anyhow, this evening, 5/15/98, while doing my final ski-from-the-office exercise (tomorrow I'll switch to running 'til next winter--most our snow's gone now--following a few weeks of inadequate sleep (I still find so much interesting stuff to do that I don't go to bed at the times I believe are most healthy) I experienced a bit of integration of stray thought from the last few years, all related to NH, so I'll dump 'em on y'all. Please comment!

At least once a week, when people learn of my weird lifestyle, someone sez something like, wow, you must be super-human to be able to control your behavior, live like that, stick to that restrictive diet, etc., etc.. I'm still surprised that anyone could consider my hedonistic lifestyle "restrictive"! I live where I want, "work" at the profession I love, sleep when/where I want, awake when I want, eat & drink whatever I want, whenever I want it & as much as I want, pee & poop where & when I want, exercise when & where & how I want, etc., etc.. & folks usually reply with something like, well, then the strength you show in WANTING only what's healthy for you (wanting only uncooked whole natural foods, wanting to do only actions that benefit everyone involved, wanting aerobic exercise, wanting to share the lifestyle info of NH, Instinctive Living & The Five Pillars of Health, etc., etc.) is super-human & we could never do that. My usual response is that once your belief system is in place (you KNOW that cooked fudes are toxic, constant inactivity destroys your body, injuring other people injures self many times more, etc., etc.) it takes no strength nor self-discipline to act in concert with a core belief system. As long as ones actions are congruent with one's belief system, one stays reasonably healthy, even if the belief system is completely out of sync with reality (witness the millions of fairly healthy religionists, politicians, thieves, murderers, lawyers etc.). Sure, these folks are not nearly as healthy as they'd be if their belief systems were in concert with reality AND their behavior was congruent with their belief systems, but I believe one whose belief system includes that the body needs the nutrients in pizza more than it's harmed by its toxins will be MUCH healthier eating the pizza than eating whole natural foods! Yes, a few years ago that was exactly opposite to MY belief system; I believed that it was essential for health to have ones actions in concert with REALITY regardless of ones belief system. Big error. Why? If one believes pizza's good for ones body yet one eats raw fruits & vegetables & not pizza, that behavior is so stressful that the body won't derive the nutrients it needs from the F&V & it WILL recover AMAP nutrients from the toxic pizza. I've concluded that humans are physiologically very adaptable & fairly intolerant of chronic stress. So, if it's not EASY to eat "hygienically", "instinctively", don't do it, it's not healthful for you.

So far, I don't remember anyone asking the next logical question, which would be "what if someone truly believes that caffeine, alcohol, sucrose, pizza are toxic & continues to eat that stuff consistently; doesn't that show a lack of strength, self-discipline?" I don't think that's a lack of strength, etc.; I'd guess at more a lack of self-worth, self-esteem, again, a belief-system "problem" where something in that person's BS (Belief System) tells 'em they're not worthy of health, or perhaps even life. & I doubt this is uncommon, considering 4-5 generations of government control of our schools & media. :-( Hey, kids, this was written by a dumb dentist, psychology ain't my strong suit; did you notice? Thoughts, y'all?

With all that Healthful Living Info, I didn't see much on dental health; aren't you a dentist?--I am. Click here.

Meditation--Since 40+ minutes of running or XC skiing seem to provide for me the benefits most folks speak of from meditation & since sitting still inactively has never been high on my list of cherished activities, I shunned the practice for decades. Due to my respect for those of you who've spoken highly of meditation & for Bill & Lois Avery, our good friends & clients, Lou & I spent considerable money & time with Lois a couple years ago in learning TM. At least Lois said we learned it, I dunno how to tell. After practicing the art several months, We enjoyed Bruno Comby as our house guest & attended his three-day PowerSleep & Instinctive Nutrition workshops in Larkspur, CA & came away with the notion that the finest form of meditation is sleep, which we both enjoy. Conclusion: running & sleep are my main meditations & I seldom sit & practice TM as taught. If I were to begin meditating, I'd look up BZ's instructions in the past M2M's. They seemed simple & easy to follow & made sense to me.

After studying Natural Hygiene since '80, I've concluded that if there's a "most important factor" in the requirements for Optimum Health it ain't nutrition, but SLEEP. Apparently we only rebuild nerve energy (re-charge our batteries) during sleep -- & some say during rest & meditation. Lou & I 2/97 discovered an interesting collection of technologies that vastly enhances relaxation & quality of sleep! For details, CLICK HERE.

[7-year meditators were 12 years younger than non-meditators]--That's one of the factors that caused me & Lou to spend time/$ on learning the art. Bill & Lois Avery are older than I & look 20 years younger; Bill's a world-class water skier & one of the most brilliant people I've met, makes his living charging huge fees to solve complex problems that would cost people millions to solve without his genius (like a flaw in San Francisco's BART system that Bill diagnosed from his Tahoe home electronically, pin-pointing the problem to a specific section of cable beneath SF Bay which divers were able to repair fairly simply without dredging up the entire system & replacing it). Lois has run for Nevada senate & Representative for the Natural Law Party & they both play multiple musical instruments well. Good role models for TM or whatever they do/recommend!

[Meditation]--[Close your eyes and keep your eyes closed while meditating on your subjective diseased part and your body will more expeditiously and successfully heal your diseased parts. It doesn't matter if you fantasize, dream, image or think about that disease part. As long as your eyes are closed while you are meditating, concentrating, thinking on and feeling that diseased part, the disease will heal!]--Well that's sure concise & bears repeating, so, as HH has sed, "I did." Thank you. I'll be thinking of that often.

[Amount of sleep needed seems to vary inversely with the amount of food eaten]--Makes sense, probably true. As I write this at 2:45 AM on the fifth day of my mini-fast, it seems even more true. At first I thought, that doesn't apply in a fast, I'm sleeping on the third & fourth days most of the time even 'tho I'm eating only distilled water but now, on the fifth day, after most of the contents of my GI tract is likely gone, I'm needing less sleep, but at weird hours.

[Need to eat less & fast more?]--Probably, 'tho it's very difficult for a gourmand (glutton) like me to agree (I'm on the third day of my first fast in several years as I write this).[If cassia isn't food, what is it?]--I do consider it food, but the amounts consumed make it a "micro-nutrient" & I call it "no food before noon" in my "personal stuff" line 'cause it takes up lots less space each issue than does "no significantly measurable quantity of food other than the microscopic amount of cassia noted" & most NH folk would not be confused on this point.

[Working on an empty stomach allowed my mind to function at its best]--Yes, since '94 I've noticed that too & so I've paid attention that usually my bod don't want food before 1 - 2 PM. Thank you.

[Music Preferences]--I suppose I should share my peculiar preferences; what folks experience in our dental office (on the day's I'm there) is lots of music from 1900-1920's plus Fats Waller, Leo Kottke, Leon Redbone, Johnathan & Darlene Edwards, Spike Jones, Crazy Otto, Carson Robison, Riders in the Sky, Ukelele Ike, 1920's Hawaiian, Dixieland, Stride Piano, Banjo & Honky Tonk, just happy music, stuff Ayn Rand would call "tiddly wink music" if she liked it, which she might have. I dislike most of what's played in public businesses & detest "background music" (let's either hear it or shut it off; background music is like mosquitoes). I do like the "beautiful music" of which you speak .... occasional. :-)

[We only get out of the M2M what we put into it]--Yeah, like life & the sewer! ;-)?

[Laundry Ring]--Thanks for the cheaper source (Real Goods). "If I were doin' the wash here, I'd be using the ring rather than soap/detergent; I'm not & Lou's reverted back to chemicals. I've never sold one to anyone & I don't know if the folks I bought mine from are still in business--will research if you're still interested.

[Don't rely on books as a guide to eating]--Yes, basic Instincto concept! And thank you for the reference to Hovannesian's "Raw Eating". I've not seen that one. & thanks for Shelton's quote about food analyzers as those who learn more & more about less & less until they know everything about nothing." Fits with our present roommate ... and me about 15 years ago!!

[Paradox between Ward's statement that humans are omnivores and his founding of a mostly vegan M2M?]
--No paradox. Ward, like Shelton is a truth-seeker above all. I think he believed, as I did, that humans are vegetarians when he founded the NHM2M & thru honest & meticulous research & experimentation, learned the truth ... we are omnivores, as did I (I still eat 90-98% from the plant kingdom, so mebbe I'm still a vegetarian?

[The body views the world as physical food]--But we need to use the mind to avoid "fude", non-food usually of human creation (drugs, processed, fragmented, cooked, radiated, altered, segmented chemicals).

[I feel natural & innocent eating fish, eggs, meat]--Of course, but SUPPLEMENTS? Please re-think that one; how can our bodies know--they were manufactured after our instincts were formed, yes?

All Raw--I sure empathize with your feelings! 'cept for a period of about a year '91-2 of eating steamed grains & other vegies at the insistence of Dr. Goldhamer & others, I've been eating 100% uncooked foods since 1/90 & I periodically feel that I'm needing excessive afternoon naps & am disappointed in my slow recovery of strength & weight. However, I'm still concluding that these deficiencies are not due to a need of cooked food, but rather a combination of my continuing inability to go to bed by 10 PM rather than writing to you or doing something else that seems more interesting than sleeping (even 'tho I realize that going to bed at 10 PM regularly will enable me to arise more refreshed, relaxed, energized & have more effective EARLY hours) plus my lack of weight training, which has dropped to zero in the last few months (current excuse is that my CFS-suffering stepson has been living in our weight-training/guest room for several months).

[Entomophagy]--Ah, Aaron, you're re-inspiring me to return to the delights of bug-eating. While I believe we're insectivores by nature & that many of the insect nutrients (eg, chitin) are precisely those lacking in our diets, I've still, after 3 years study research, "trying", not arranged sources of Instincto-quality insects--any progress in this regard at your end? My friend, Steve Hess, the Wildcrafter Herbologist recently called with a request for info on this subject & I've not yet responded. Will report! Meanwhile, a friend from the Salt Spring Islands, who's raising an instincto infant! is about to send some air-dried, un-processed wild baby shrimp. Bruno told me in '95 that shrimp is the next best source of chitin & other animal proteins next to insects & my BC friend says that when dried, they can be easily eaten whole with the exo-skeletons (source of the chitin) intact.

[Poverty as Nutritional & Lifestyle Blessing]--YES!! Especially with sugar & processed food, as you noted. Every time sugar becomes scarce (eg, wars, etc.) dental disease rates drop dramatically. Poverty does have its advantages, 'tho unfortunately, not as many as we're taught to believe. ;-)

Shoulding on my friends--You agreed with [what I wrote that Instinctive Nutrition is the most important aspect of nutrition that everyone should pursue for better health]--Well, lemme correct that perception, 'cause it's not what I intended to convey. 1--Instinctive Nutrition IS the nutrition part of Natural Hygiene & 2--I do NOT recommend that everyone pursue ANYTHING. I'm only expert enough in this field to tell folks who ask what I'd do if MY brain were in their body (that's all I do even in dentistry, where I probably AM an expert). Only God & Bernarr know what EVERYONE should do & sometimes I'm not sure about God. ;-)

Colonics, enemas, GI laundry--Lou's son, Erik, who lived with us for several months 'cause "his house was killing him" (reacting to Aspergillus, Stachybottris, etc. mycotoxins that took over his home) has experienced all sorts of "therapies" to help his body re-build its health (after years of concentrating on battling the planet's micro-flora, unsuccessfully, of course) experienced spectacular results from a professionally administered & monitored process of GI cleanses. He described the incredible ropey tubes & other huge forms that emerged from his GI tract & the ensuing benefits. He's the happiest, healthiest, most positive we've seen him in years (while continuing to complain of the symptoms he's been fighting for several years -- he's still sick & refusing to check into Goldhamer's concentration camp & let his body heal). He's attempted to convince Lou & me that this is the path to true health. All this has given me the incentive to re-think the issue & I'm still in agreement with Dr. Alec Burton, that it's best to let our colon do its job while we do our job; he is the expert, having worked several years in a London colonics clinic plus fasted tens of thousands of people over a several decade period. HOWEVER, as Erik pointed out, I do find it necessary to brush/floss my teeth regularly, certainly not a natural act (when I began TC Fry's recommended NH lifestyle in 1/90, I did NOT brush/floss for several months, eating all-raw, mostly sweet fruit & dong a few 3-5 day fasts & did permanent damage to my teeth, nearly losing one). I assume that the reason I need to do something artificial (b/f) is to compensate for life in an unhealthy environment (eg, due to soil depletion, pollution, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hybridized fruits, etc.). Therefore it's reasonable to consider that, having started the NH lifestyle after 4 1/2 decades of SAD, that I perhaps had also acquired an impermeable coating of whatever Erik had on the inside of his GI tract & it has resisted my body's attempts to remove it thru the few fasts + seven years of living the NH way. That might account for my habit of over-eating (bod not able to absorb digested foods due to an impermeable tube of whatever lining my digestive tract?). So perhaps colonics are appropriate? I've never been close to experiencing this path, but ....?? Will report.

[Does anyone know how much water to drink during a fast?]---Yes, the Instinctos say your body knows ... & will tell you if you drink with a horizontal head position like the rest of the animals. When the bod no longer needs the water the epiglottis flops & swallowing becomes difficult, so sez Bruno & it seems to work! Interesting that we live half our lives before learning to drink!

[I could get used to banana skins if I thought they were good for me]--Instinctos would say that if they were good for you, they'd smell delectable & taste delicious & you wouldn't have to worry your pretty li'l head thinking about 'what to eat & how much! They recommend delegating to your subconscious (instincts) food selection & saving your cerebrum for creativity, like contributing to M2M!

[Quantum Energetics]--You asked what is it, so I asked Erik, my stepson who's been living with us for months due to CFS & toxic reactions to his house & who claims he's been getting tremendous life-changing results from his QE therapy. He gave me the enclosed info, which you may choose to publish. The conclusion of the 8-page sheet: "QE is a preventive, wholistic and non-invasive approach to health. Its objective is to bring balance to the body's energy fields and create lasting results that will allow the body to function at optimal levels." After two 2-hr therapeutic sessions a few months ago, I was impressed enough to not find time for a third.

["The Origin of Our Species"--Evolution or Intervention", Alan Alford, "the Anunnaki", Zechariah Sitchin's writing, ultrasonic machining used to cut the Egyptian granite for the pyramids]--wow--amazing possibilities --& quite believable, given present scientific knowledge. & given the statements Dr. Dean Bonlie has made to me (I began introducing my conversations with Dr. Bonlie to y'all 6/97 -- conclusions from geologic & biomagnetic research like "Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote that we have TWO sources of "nerve energy": 1) brain -- 80% of brain cells are astrocytes, which produce nerve energy of two types ... AND 2) the earth's magnetic field supplements the magnetic energy our brain manufactures. That supplementation is ESSENTIAL.... AND that magnetic field of ol' mother earth is waning, as I began sharing with y'all in M2M#30: We've lost 90% of the earth's magnetic field in last 4,000 years, when it measured 4 gauss. It's now 0.4 gauss.

Every 500,000 years, the earth's magnetic field reverses, reaching a peak at the mid-point & dropping to zero at the time of the reversal. The core samples show a huge fossil deposit when the field drops to zero, meaning many (most?) life forms die off (probably 'cause the earth looses it's ozone layer, much of the atmosphere 'cause they're retained by the magnetic field & the temperature at the earth's surface supposedly rises to around 1,000F!). NASA sez we're now 800 years from the END of one of these 500,000 year cycles when the magnetic field drops to zero (we're now at 0.4 gauss, down from a high of approx 300 gauss about 250,000 years ago, when the hysteresis studies show the dinosaurs were buried in sediment whose magnetite crystals were aligned to that extent! AND, there have only been nine of these reversals on this planet (which means the planet is only 4 1/2 million years old? -- OOPS, 'nother paradigm shift coming -- re-write the history of the world ... again!)"--lots more detail back in 6/97 M2M.

Well, one of the hardest ideas for me to accept is that the earth's only 4.5 MILLION years old & evolution just wouldn't have had time to happen, yet if the studies Bonlie quotes are true .... But then how'd it all happen ... & Bonlie lapses into the creation by God routine & I nod out. But creation by some other life form, using technology that we've almost got ourselves -- that makes sense! So, does Alford suggest we were genetically engineered from the aliens themselves (so they look like us but with better brains, etc.?) or did they show up on our planet & pick some existing life forms, chimps, apes, etc & modify them to produce our ancestors as slaves? or did they visit Earth & genetically engineer ALL the millions? of species of beings? Save us all the trouble of reading Uncle Alan's book & summarize--this stuff is fascinatingly plausible. Thank you for bringing it to us! QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Anyone else read of this stuff? What are the arguments against the "intervention by aliens" possibility? "Genetic engineering, cloning impossible."? Hardly! "No aliens exist."? Not a very useful nor likely argument.

Death, Grief, Guilt, Request for Help--I'm using you all on this one, thank you for your understanding. Tonite, 8 PM, 3/19, I just learned that a wonderful man I've treasured as client and friend for over 20 years died. Not unexpected; his allopaths told him he'd die within two months ... two years ago.

Some of you may have read my elongated intro to this M2M in '92 that my serious journey toward the path to Optimal Health began when my best dental school buddy asked me to research alternative therapy possibilities for his wife, our dear friend who was dying of cancer. That request sparked intense reading, study & many national & international phone calls, trips & consultations. The results of those initial months of study were 1) My dentist buddy ignored my recommendations & Lou & I stood at our friend's feet in a hospital room when she died a few months later & 2) I kept searching & re-discovered Natural Hygiene in 1989.

Over the years I've experienced the frustration & sadness many of you have expressed in attempting to help suffering/dying people we care about who ignore our advice; Lou & I have watched a few of them die so far. The sole result of my efforts seems to have been that they die (or continue living their SAD life) with a less friendly relationship with me than they had before I offered help. I came to the conclusion many of you have: NEVER offer "help" unless someone begs for it, & then with plenty of disclaimers, etc. Which is what I did for my friend who died yesterday. He died still loving me, never knowing that I know he could have recovered from his diabetes if I'd known how to help him understand what you & I know. So, why am I requesting your help? Sympathy? Empathy? No, I've already forgiven myself & have dropped most of my guilt feelings in the therapeutic time it's taken to write this to you (well, I did have a 2-hr interruption). My present problem: My friend's widow, a fellow diabetes "victim" who married my friend very late in his demise, when he'd already lost a leg, a kidney & his eyesight. As he said to his bride's mother, "I'm what every mother wishes for her daughter, a one-legged blind man dying of diabetes." Chip was a beautiful person, an inspiration to all who knew him. Watching him decline from one of the most apparently fit & healthy people on the planet to the mass of still-cheerful atrophied agony in which he departed the planet was ... I don't have words .... On a conscious level, I realize that Chip's death was a result of the mentally & physically sick society in which we struggle to live; on the subconscious level I'm getting thoughts that life would be more pleasant if we never learned the truth & simply lived like all our "normal" friends (& as I did for almost 50 years) .... but then WE'D be losing our legs, kidneys & eyes to degenerative diseases. thank you for listening.

If you'd like this audio tape, I'll buy it for you & send it to you. Please mail me a self-addressed envelope stamped with at least 55 cents postage (Bob Wynman, Box 640, Carnelian Bay, CA 96140) & a note that you want the "Products Knowledge" audio..

[Hemorrhoids]--Never had 'em, but I spend an average of 20-24 hrs/week at a computer & I've converted both office & home computers for standing, thanks to BZ!! I just slipped a 12" filing cabinet section beneath my computer keyboards & I've been standing for those hours for over two years. Much more comfortable & physiological & my back symptoms (spondyloesthesis) has improved AND I've gained that 12" file space AND I've gained the knee space beneath two desks, which is now used for more files! Thanks, Bernarr!

[Laundry Rings]--Lou used one for many months & I thought she was still doing so, then I began noticing soap smell in our towels & she sez she went back to using soap 'cause the laundry ring doesn't remove stains (mfg. doesn't claim they will). If I were living alone, I'd use 'em rather than have soap & detergent rubbing my skin when clothed. But I'd rather keep Lou and deal with the soap residue. I think I paid $90 for ours. I never sold a ring to anyone.

[If you eat adulterated food, do you commit adultery?]--Do infants enjoy the infantry as much as adults enjoy the adultery? :-)

Light Conversation--PPNF Journal printed some interesting info re electric light sources, much of it was new to me, so I thought you might be interested. Perhaps Bob will include it. If not, call 'em for reprints at: Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, Box 2614, La Mesa, CA 91943-1314, (619) 574-7763 .... &/or join PPNF--fine organization of which I've been an intermittent member since the 70's.

Pill-Poppin' 'speriment--Last ish I committed to expose my body to a selection of our "nutritional supplements", which by my definitions are drugs, or at least non-foods & therefore toxins. Apparently I hadn't convinced my subconscious mind that this was a good thing to do, 'cause it took about two months of hit & miss before I finally began eating this stuff according to the recommended regime. I feel that this is a BIG regression, after taking NO supplements, vitamins, enzymes, etc. (other than those in the uncooked foods I've eaten) since '89. However, for business reasons & mainly for my own curiosity, I wanted to do the experiment to determine if my beliefs are correct (if these things are drugs or toxins, I expected some detox symptoms during or after the experiment--as of 9/15 I've noticed nothing but very mild intermittent "pressure/ache" in stomach/intestine area that I don't know if it's connected with ingesting this stuff. I simply don't eat 'til this symptom disappears). Will report.

Skin Goo 'speriment--At a recent intense 4-day business training in Seattle, a very vital, healthy, enthusiastic young Brit, Julie McLewee, spoke to us about the skin care products which are apparently the finest on the planet, "Soflower", from Switzerland. One of the concepts she mentioned was "external nutritionals", a foreign concept to me. Since the 80's, I've believed, as BZ reinforced last ish, that nutrition comes from putting stuff in yer mouth, not pushing it thru your skin. However, just putting stuff in yer mouth does not mean it's inside the body; it's still outside, just as if you closed your fist around the cherry, it's still outside & must be absorbed thru the lining of the GI tract before it's "in" & can be used by the bod. And since we all know that toxins can be absorbed thru the skin (swim in a chlorinated pool, dip your hand in a can of gasoline or rub 'em with DMSO if you doubt), so why couldn't nutrients be absorbed that way, even if in micro quantities? Julie sez they can & are. Anyhow, for this & the reasons I gave for submitting to the pill-pop 'speriment, I've committed, starting today, 9/15/98, to a one-month regime of smearing five different skin care products on my face, which now extends well past the top of my head (Julie's 2-min Men's routine). Could be interesting--I've not used any soaps, lotions, potions, creams (cept infrequent sunscreen & that damn Chap Stick addiction) since '90, my skin seems to be my weakest organ, or at least the one my bod chooses most frequently as detox route & we live at 6,200' in a very dry environment. Will report.

[Opinions on Champion Juicer vs.Vita-Mix Blenders, etc.]
--Years ago I researched that stuff rather thoroughly & bought an Acme juicer; it's served well & I've loaned it to many people who wanted a source of nutrition following dental surgery when they couldn't chew. I've not used the juicer for ME since incorporating Instinctive Nutrition into my life in '93. I prefer my internal food processor: bicuspids & molars; they are far better than any artificial processing.

[...Drawn back to animal foods or even cooked foods]--Since re-introducing animal foods after a 5+ year vegan life, I have NO desire for or interest in ANY cooked foods ('tho still smell delicious). Consciously, I no longer believe cooked is food any mo'.

[I graze on whatever I want,whenever...]--YES!! Me, too ... & in whatever quantity I want; the instincto pleasure principle! :-)

[Combining instincts with intelligence]--Yes, of course & we really have no option; we do use or mis-use our intelligence; we're stuck with it! My preference in nutrition is to use the intelligence to avoid non-foods,then delegate to instinct the selection of time, quality, quantity of the real food made available by the intellect.

[Herbs not natural??]--I thought they were & if they smell & taste great, perhaps the bod is signalling need for these micro-nutrients (phyto-pharmacology)?

[Breast Feeding]--We (& Weston Price & many other researchers) have found that breast feeding your kids is the longest lasting & most beneficial gift you can give them. Besides helping them build their mental,physical & emotional defense & growth systems, you're providing them with the best chance to develop healthy mouths, perhaps avoid need of orthodontic care. How long? Bruno Comby's & Guy Claude Burger's reports on the results of Instincto's experiences in Europe since the 50's is that the "let the child lead" approach is most effective but let him lead by exposure to REAL foods that mom's eating (uncooked Instincto-quality fruits, vegies, nuts, seeds and animal foods). They've found that the child will instinctively move from the breast to reach for Mom's food when the time is right & they've found that often the time is much earlier than the medical establishment realizes (eg, newborn infants relishing plant & animal foods chewed by Mom). There are probably references to all this in the books we've mentioned in back issues of the M2M & I'm including a list, with sources for Bob to publish, since many subscribers are new since this info was discussed here. Anyhow, thank you for creating the rare kind of humans the planet actually needs more of! :-)

[I don't care what anyone eats as long as it's not an attempt to commit suicide]--& they have that right, too. What bothers me is folks I care about unintentionally committing suicide out of ignorance 'cause I've not been a good enough role model for 'em. I'm still workin' on me ... with help from y'all. Thank you. An insurance sales guru wrote a book I've not read but whose title has been a big help to me: "All You Can Do Is All You Can Do ... and All You Can do Is Enough."

[I'd like to know opinions re hydroponics]--OK, opinion only: 1--Since the chems, minerals, nutrients, etc. added to the water are controlled by humans, I'd suspect the resulting plants would not be Instincto-quality & 2--removing plants evolved for millennia to grow in soil & growing 'em in water seems to me to allow 'em less ability to do their proper job of converting inorganic non-food into superb Instincto-quality human food. I prefer to eat plants growing on THEIR choice of media; dulse from the sea, yams from the dirt.

Gladness & Sadness--Wotta journey! Remember the exhilaration, freedom, ecstacy we all experienced after the long search for a path to Optimal Health when we at last found Natural Hygiene, realized that our bodies were self-healing, self-regenerating & there were causes of health & all we had to do was supply the requisites of health & get out of the way & let our mind/bodies heal! & remember the devastation, frustration, helplessness we all felt the first few times we tried to help a suffering friend by introducing them to our new knowledge of THE path to health!

I've been reading your stuff here since the first NHM2M in '92. Those two experiences seem to be the most positive & negative in this adventure. We've all been faced with the choice of watching a loved one suffer & die & remaining mute about NH OR speaking up & running the nearly certain risk of losing our friendship in addition to our friend's presence. Seems we've mostly all determined a "compromise": remain silent 'til someone begs for help, then provide small bits of info 'til the recipient mind slams shut.

I've found an opportunity for y'all to feel what the other side of the relationship's like! In '90, I discovered NH is the path to Optimal Health, in '93 that Instinctive Nutrition is the nutrition part of NH, in '95 that Financial Health is as important a requisite of health as is the proper food, exercise, etc. & that network marketing is the most advanced form of the free enterprise system & the most honest, effective & fair method of moving goods & services from producer to user & in '97 that our company is the finest network marketing opportunity on the planet & the one most in concert with health-seekers, such as thee & me.

So, here I be in the same predicament all over again, faced with the choice of mutely watching some of you suffer & complain about failing Financial Health, while I have the solution, or speaking up & risking the loss of your friendship. & I can surely understand YOUR perspective, 'cause I was there for 40 years, sure that network marketing was just a small step above purse-snatching. Our nearly two years with our company has sure been a beautiful experience! 4-5 generations of gov't controlled schools & media have worked their magic (notice how our American public re-elected Billary after they watched their behavior at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City if you doubt). The American Sense of Life, responsibility, risk-taking, honesty have all but died & our company is reviving them all! We've met ONLY pleasant, responsible people in our company ... & lots of 'em. I've chosen the same path; only provide info on our company when someone asks & thankfully, someone always asks! Thank you.

Weight Training
--Here's a list I'd made for Ward back in issue #9, then edited out due to the dreaded MAXAC imposed in issue #6. As of 9/26/98, after many months of zero anaerobic training, I've re-committed to eliminating my CFS-victim stepson from our weight-training room & resuming this activity EVERY EVENING THAT I'VE NOT RUN, CYCLED OR X-C SKIED AT LEAST 40 MIN. THAT DAY. Pointing this here makes my commitment public so y'all can nag & support me on keeping it AND perhaps will help y'all motivate yourselves if you'd like to enjoy these benefits. From M2M #9 cutting room floor:

"In a so-far-unsuccessful-in-3-years effort to incorporate resistance exercise into my life I've built a list of benefits that I should read daily & don't. These are benefits claimed by Ron Weston:


better function

improved digestion, assimilation, use of & elimination of food (less need of full-time eating, elimination of dermal lesions)

healthier appearance--gain in muscle mass*

less hesitation to meet new people, relate with friends, consult with clients as health-oriented professional

more effective role model, thus teacher of health concepts

mentally sharper & quicker

metabolism more effective*

stronger bones, ligaments, joints, muscles

more sound, effective sleep (body knows it must sleep in order to build muscle tissue demanded by resistance training)

more resistant to damage during activity or no activity

better resistance to causes of disease

more efficient liver function*

higher testosterone level, stronger adrenals, stronger nervous system*

positive nitrogen balance*

increased systemic anabolism*

less aches & pains

more energy

greater endurance, performance

time to listen to self-improvement, motivational, health-oriented, dental & other audio tapes during weight training

*especially with squats.

[Both HDL & LDL Cholesterol are good when eating raw fats. Cholesterol levels should be ignored] That makes sense! Thank you. & I've learned to ignore ALL the blood level reports.

[People who eat meat usually don't crave nuts & seeds]--Yes, true for me & the craving for young sprouts & yams also decreases. (Bruno sez that a very small intake -- a few oz. per day -- of insects nearly eliminates the body's call for meat. Anyone found a fine source of instincto quality insects & can report?)

[FDA's Food-borne Bacteria Research]--Very informative, thank you! "Raw spoils but does not putrefy; only cooked putrefies." I'd noticed that & never gave it much thought. I suspected that it was the cooking, not the animal products that were the threat & I've acted on my suspicions; glad to have some reinforcement/verification. Yes, I suspect also that govt & med establishment are just protecting the processed food industry as they protect the pharmaceutical, dairy & cattleman's organizations.

[Five generations to achieve Optimal Health]
--Interesting application of that concept! I always assumed it meant generations of the entire organism & that only my great-great-great-great grandchildren will be healthy. Anyone else interpret it to mean cellular generations? & what of nerve cells? Is the statement that they NEVER replace themselves correct? QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Is it true that when they die we can't build new ones? If yes, any genetic engineering or other 'speriments happening to "remedy" that flaw in our self-re-generating bodies?

[Intellectually Motivated Fasts]--YES, exactly!! Just one more area of our lives to be delegated effectively to subconscious, instincts. The cerebrum is NOT the part of us to determine when to fast. Fast when not hungry! Eat when hungry! Simple ... & drink, pee, poop, sleep, rest, exercise when the bod needs those things. Methinkst that's the only way to Optimal Health & I'd call it Instinctive Living & I'd say it's real Natural Hygiene, even if the NH gurus don't yet realize it (perhaps they prefer that we think we have a need to rely on THEIR cerebrums to guide us to health?!). This is the first time I've read such a list of the DISADVANTAGES of fasting in a NH publication. Very refreshing & very important info. I suspect it's all true, too.

[Over time, raw animal products produce the calmest, most balanced human nature with excellent mental clarity]--That's been precisely my experience with the raw animal consumers I know personally (Ano, Deborah, Manis, Christopher Morrill, Bruno, Kirk & Melissa, Jean-Claude) & the many I communicated with for months on the raw-food e-mail list & they were in sharp contrast to the militant vegans, especially the NFL bunch, who were aggressively threatening, exactly the opposite of the picture painted by our gov't controlled schools & media. But then Hitler & Mussolini were both vegetarians & not particularly peaceful nor docile. Interesting, eh?

[11-12 years to improve!]--Dr. Tom Stone sed it took him 11 years to become Optimally Healthy on the all-raw routine after several decades of SAD & I'm about to start my ninth year & am excited about the possibilities & even if it takes 30 years, what are the alternatives? Return to SAD & the medical/therapy mentality? Not likely this lifetime! Been there; done that!

[How to drink water in horizontal head position? lap from a bowl?]--Yup, or from cupped hands as our ancestors likely did, at least that's what Bruno Comby recommends & it does seem to provide a reliable "epiglottal stop" that's missing when the head's vertical. I've modified this for convenience by taking the water from glass "normally", then assuming the horizontal head posture to swallow. No, I don't do that when other humans can watch & ridicule 'cause my ways are weird enough without adding THAT strange behavior. Not much of an issue 'cause I rarely drink water or anything else anyhow. I s'pose you could accomplish this in a socially acceptable manner by using a straw & keeping yer head horizontal while swallowing,just don't tell anyone why you're doing it! :-)

[Recommend vs. believe & do?]--Yes, I believe Instinctive Nutrition is the nutrition part of NH, so I live it. And I don't recommend it to anyone. 'til I better understand the difference between "rational shoulds" & "irrational shoulds", the strongest I'd go is "If your situation were in MY mind/body, I'd .....". If one interprets that as a "recommendation", that's their choice. "In My Opinion" (IMO), "recommend" = "you should" & I'm still not comfy shoulding on folks.

HEALTH--"The ability to function effectively in a given environment"--this from dentistry's foremost master of simplification, Dr. Robert Barkley, in his 1972 Preventive Dentistry audio tapes. Like it? I can find nothing wrong with the definition. It's excellent!

[..we all know that eating only raw restricts variety ... we are mainly restricted to eating fruits]--WHOA!! Please exclude me from that particular "we". I've eaten only raw for several years & my diet is totally Unrestricted. Eliminating cooked fude, or any other poison from my body is NOT a restriction, it's an enhancement. I eat ANY original food that's delicious & certainly haven't restricted my diet to fruits since '91 & including vegies, sprouts, tubers, eggs, foul, mammals, insects, etc. I could probably come close to filling an M2M page with the different foods I enjoy eating in a month.

[...raw-only diet is very difficult, if not impossible]--If life were easy, everyone would wanna do it. Perhaps Burger, Comby, Bernarr, Vetrano, Weston & a few thousand European Instinctos would disagree about the "impossible" part.

Instincto bumper sticker spotted by Roger Simon: "I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian." However, at 90-95% raw plant food & 5-10% raw animal food I'm still a primary vegetarian.

[Rudolph Steiner]
--Just received a beautifully xeroxed translation of his "The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity" from my good Eurythmic Wildcrafter Herbologist friend, Keith Hess & will report as I read it. So far the most interesting bit appears in an extract of the editor's note to the second edition (in 1921) commenting on the translation from the original German where "freedom" should be taken to mean "spiritual activity". So the book is the "philosophy of freedom"! Prelim Steiner quotes: "The way to the heart is thru the head.", "Thought is the father of feeling."

--Awhile ago I found a few onions that tasted great & I ate 'em raw & haven't had that pleasure for a few years, not even with the organic ones my good supplier, Bryan Kaminski trucks to our office from his Penryn farm. I avoid the "spice foods" unless they taste delicious & delectable solo & they very seldom do.[Tasty toxic Maillard Molecules in air dried "advanced" animal foods?]--Naaah! That air drying's a natural process that our systems evolved to handle. The cooked-bacon-sprinkled-with-cheese smells/tastes great 'cause it mimics the taste of food we ARE adapted to, like three-day old air-dried duck fat!

[Cat won't eat raw flesh after it's dried?] Mebbe 'cause the cat's a primary carnivore, a hunter/killer of prey, while the primates mostly evolved as secondary or tertiary carnivores, only getting to the kill of the big cats after they walked away (2-3 days later)? AND, did you note pg 92 (M2M pg 204 in #29's Sci Amer article on primate evolution) that the early hominids scavenged food & SAVED it to later share with the group, allowing time for drying/"advancing"?!

[Diet & Primate Evolution, Katherine Milton]--Great 8/93 Sci. Amer. article; thank you!! She sez the significant difference between primates & the mammals from which they evolved was that primates became primary vegetarians while their ancestors were primary insectivores & that bigger animals can thrive on lower quality food than smaller ones 'cause they require less energy per unit of body mass. ANYONE UNNERSTAN WHY? I don't. She also states that young leaves have higher protein content than mature leaves & that the human large brain developed in order to assure the necessary hi-quality food requirements of our "new kind of social & technologically innovative omnivore". She also notes that our human GI tract ain't much different from our ancient herbivorous ancestors. Also sez humans & chimps are genetically programmed to speed up the rate at which food passes thru the gut as the quality of food declines & fiber content increases. Ward, did you use much of this article or other of Milton's writing in your research?.

[the God within each of our cells]--I wonder if that God is the same as nerve energy & the "information" which Bruno & the quantum physicists discuss!?

[Cancer, etc. helps us survive ...]--Like Bruno's "helpful virus" theories? TC Fry thought viri were just cell debris; instinctos take it a step further -- mebbe the viri are created & used by our cells?

[How do the starch & protein contained together in a natural, original raw food digest properly if a separate digestive environment (eg, acid for protein, alkaline for starch) is required for each?]?--Doesn't matter how. I still use this damn computer even 'tho I haven't the foggiest idea how it gets all this drivel on & off that one li'l' disk, etc. Possibilities: 1--starch digests first & exits, then the environment changes for protein digestion? 2--protein first, then starch (unlikely)?, 3--separate into layers & digest simultaneously but separately (Dr. Bass, HELP!!)?, 4--both digest together, so the sep-environment-necessary argument is flawed?, 5--they DON'T digest & humans are only adapted to eat processed (pre-digested) pizza & milkshakes?

[Instincto comments]--I agree with everything you sed ('tho I don't believe most of the NH gurus really advocate the same diet for everyone regardless of health,sickness, ,size, age, activity, etc. & have heard most of 'em claim they don't). AND ... if you think I've lost my respect for the human intellect, please allow me to clarify; the human intellect is probably the most advanced & near-perfect entity I'm aware of. I acknowledge it's millions of years in R & D & I'm dismayed at our usually rather stupid abuse of it. Requiring this miraculous machine to do menial tasks like selecting what & when to eat is analogous to forcing Einstein to sweep the lab & do the grocery shopping when someone far more qualified could be delegated those tasks to allow Uncle Albert to do what he did best, conceptualize, solve problems, generate knowledge for future generations, etc. AND ... I'm NOT minimizing the importance of deciding when & what to eat NOR the immense qualifications of our instincts to perform those tasks, of course with the necessary guidance of our consciousness in navigating us AWAY from the culinary poisons CREATED by that often misguided consciousness. (too many wurds 'twixt periods, huh!) :-)

--Dr. Nancy 'splains like this: 'Anton Beauchamp (sp?), MD, French biochemist, a quiet man lecturing at the same time as Pasteur, proposed "somatides", rather than Pasteur's "protoplasm" as the basic structural unit of the body, sub-cellular particles found in every cell of the body by the multi-thousands, in plants, rocks, anywhere there's water & air. The somatides can't die; they're resistant to temperature change, radiation, diamond knives, chemotherapy, injections. When an organism, human or otherwise, dies, the somatides go back into the ground.

The somatides normally "go thru a three-cycle repetition" when a body is healthy. When the body's toxic, the somatides "go thru 14 cycles, each cycle getting sicker & sicker & transform to viral, or AIDS, or cancer somatides ". This is the source of disease, not germs. If your body's non-toxic & your somatides are healthy, you'll be resistant to diseases, etc. Gaston Masones (sp?), a French chemist exiled in Canada, has videotaped these somatides'. I hope she 'splains it better in her book; I don't understand this much. Nancy's conclusion (in MY words, I think she's not yet discovered I.N. or NH): Eat Instinctively & your body will be in homeostasis & your somatides will be healthy. AND, you can tell if your body's in homeostasis thru Dr. A's simple chemical tests. AND, she provides a "21-Days to Health" workbook program that covers EVERY aspect of health & helps get you there in 3 weeks! Great stuff. Highly recommended. AND read her "Lick the Sugar Habit" & obtain her "Body Chemistry Test Kit" if you're interested in monitoring your own progress toward health objectively. She's probably still at Box 3083, Santa Monica, CA 90403-3083. I've not spoken with her since her Tahoe trip last year (we did not get together while she was here -- I've still not met her in person) & will do so much more after hearing more of her NHF tapes! Will report.

Phytopharmacology--It's been several months since receiving my first order with Dry Creek Herb Farm, (916) 878-2441 & sent the nice folks a buncha NH & IN info plus questions. I told 'em: "With this order I begin a fascinating adventure into phytopharmacology! It took me a couple decades to unlearn most of the untrue stuff from government schools & pharmaceutical-controlled medical/dental school miseducation. By that time, I'd also discovered Natural Hygiene & have a firm ANTI-"therapy" mindset, now understanding that only the mind-body can heal. As of '95, Instinctive Nutrition has been my primary area of health study and practice & now ready to investigate the Instinctos observations that the body can guide us in not only FOOD selection (by smell & taste) but also in selecting the molecules needed from "herbs" in micro-quantities.

I do NOT believe that "herbs heal". Only the mind-body can do that. I'm about to test the claims that my bod is capable of selecting herbs for me by this method: after receiving this order, I'll periodically sniff the herbs, one at a time, noting any that smell inviting. I'll put a portion of the most delectable smelling one into my oral orifice & chew/suck on it a bit. If it tastes delicious, it gets swallowed, otherwise it becomes compost. This process continues 'til my supply of that herb is all et & I'll order more, or more, likely, 'til the bod signals that it no longer needs whatever nutrient molecules are in the particular herb (taste changes, throat tightens, texture becomes unpleasant, etc.). I also received a large box of wildcrafted naturally growing herbs from Keith Hess & I've been occasionally testing 'em as above for some time. Very few of 'em ever smell appealing enough to eat & of those that do, very little is edible before a stop, so my interest is waning. Perhaps if I become ill my bod will signal to eat some for "medicinal", which I think is "micro-nutrient" purposes.

[Bowel transit time, odiferous stools]--mighty interesting stuff, for those interested. Zephyr's book features an essay on pg 68-9 "Poop Scoop" in which he states "Instinctive poops are regularly smooth and odorless... They clearly communicate what food they were.... Brown, hard, indecipherable stinky poops are only a fude [different from "FOOD", see footnote above!--Bo7b] event. I am no longer grossed out or alienated by my poop.... it's just well composted fruit most of the time. Meat and fish poops and fish pees smell stronger than any other poop..... the flush toilet is an absurdity in an instinctive Permaculture....... Poop is a major dilemma for mutant civilization; the dilemmas stem from fude poop outside of Permaculture." He then proceeds to relate "garbage" to poop & explains that most of society's garbage is related to FUDE & its packaging, production, distribution, etc.

[Detox symptoms from old toxins or current problems?]--Bruno sez: "1--during first year eating instinctively, most detox symptoms are from long-stored toxins, 2--after 15 years of eating instinctively, detox symptoms will be very minimal & will mostly reflect immediate errors in selecting foods, food quality, etc, 3--between 1 & 15 years, could be either way" Big he'p, eh!?

[Green Persimmons]--What cause the terrible taste? A few million years of evolutionary intelligence & cellular storage of near-infinite wisdom presenting as the classic "Instinctive stop". A beautiful mechanism! Meaning: 'don't feed this poison to me, your loving body -- and don't quit testing those foods with nose/taste, mebbe next time I WILL need it.' I ate mebbe two "advanced" persimmons at the Larkspur Instincto Adventure -- DELIGHTFUL!!

Carob, tamarind
--I wrote in M2M23: "Ron Bluhm sez carob (aka St. John's bread --Arab sources -- grows as bush in desert -- fruity protein with laxative properties--only edible dried?) & tamarind ("an oily, proteinaceous fruit that tastes like "sweet 'n sour powder"?) -- available dried from Indonesia & Fiji? -- & possibly raw in S. F. Chinatown?) are "sister fruits" of cassia. Bruno Comby & Ronald Bluhm, PhD say the bod reacts to carob the opposite of cassia -- tends toward constipation & should be smell-tested daily instinctively as possible foods. He knows of no sources." Well, bored with a Chinese wedding banquet at the Rice Bowl restaurant in Sacramento 4/20, I walked around this mostly black gang-infested neighborhood, wandered into a family-operated Oriental grocery (Khang's Market), bought 5# of wonderful snow peas & 2# of tamarind, which I've never seen anywhere. It was grown in Mexico. A few days later, I tried the tamarind. It had a somewhat attractive smell & a peculiar bitter-sweet metallic taste with an after-taste of cheap coffee. I take that to mean that my bod doesn't need whatever it offers just now. It's in a semi-dried state & I'm storing it with my cassia stash & will "test" it periodically.

Sea Veggies--When I first began ordering them from Maine Coast they were delicious & I soaked & ate huge quantities, also enjoying many of them in the dried form, with their heavy salt coating, so I ordered a huge quantity, which I still have on hand, 'cause suddenly the 'stop' occurred & they became quite unpleasant & now, several months later, occasionally they're delicious again & I assume the bod's signalling that the body's stored nutrients contained in them sea vegies are depleted & need replenishment.

[Is cooked organic food worse than raw supermarket food?] -- Is the worst of the best better than the best of the worst?]--Bruno sez raw supermarket fare is far better than cooked organic. Why/when would one ever have that choice anyway. If organic food were available, why would the choice be cook it or eat raw non-organic?? If it's available, EAT THE ORGANIC RAW!!

[Hemorrhoids]--Never had 'em, but I spend an average of 20-24 hrs/week at a computer & I've converted both office & home computers for standing, thanks to BZ!! I just slipped a 12" filing cabinet section beneath my computer keyboards & I've been standing for those hours for over two years. Much more comfortable & physiological & my back symptoms (spondyloesthesis) has improved AND I've gained that 12" file space AND I've gained the knee space beneath two desks, which is now used for more files! Thanks, Bernarr!

[My mother sez I eat too loudly]--Mine doesn't ... but my wife, Lou, does. I've quit eating celery, carrots & even Romaine in the car & often avoid eating those things when people are present ... & I've been practicing keeping lips together while chewing. Isn't it great to earn to eat in our second half-centuries on the planet! :-)

[Ener-G-Polari-T with Cook diode magnetic pad]--No, I've not heard of 'em. The interest in this stuff is exploding, now even in Psychology Today & Readers' Digest, not just sports media! Dunno if they work, our new ones do!

[Requirements are different than desires]--Yeah, we've all been taught that way. From an Instincto perspective, it may not be so. For other animals, real animals, not our domesticated humanoid animals, what is required for their well-being is also what they desire; an Instincto's "desire" for four-day-old "advanced" raw free-range organic chicken fat means her body needs & requires some nutrient therein for optimal health. The same thinking could be carried into other areas of activity more appropriately delegated to "instinct", like rest/sleep, exercise, sun exposure, etc. Thoughts?

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