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New Hope for Humanity!

We're at a pivotal point in history. If civilization (and this time, the human species) is to continue, we really are at the place where we're smart enough (due to application of the Scientific Method in the physical sciences over the last three centuries) to completely destroy ourselves and too stupid (due to ignorance of application of the Scientific Method in the volitional sciences) to prevent our own extinction. This time we need an ideological solution rather than a political solution ... as was amply demonstrated in the last presidential elections.

The good news is that Andrew Galambos, an astrophysicist, has created that solution. Now, there ARE scientifically provable solutions to eliminate most social problems (poverty, war, crime, unemployment, riots, inflation, etc.). It is no longer necessary that every civilization must collapse, as all have done for all of recorded history. Our 6,000 year unsuccessful search for freedom may be approaching a successful conclusion.

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Dr Bob & Lou
Bob & Lou Wynman

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Our New Profession: Wellness Consultants with the awakening Global Giant & a New Paradigm of World Health.

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After 30 years of study, the obvious has become apparent: the Law of Cause & Effect applies to health, too! Health has a cause & the cause is Healthful Living.

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  Ready to ACT to get our out-of-control government back into its Constitutional cage? Want to do good, have fun and make money simultaneously? Ready to use real gold/silver-backed, inflation-proof money again?

Welcome to BIOPRO Technology
BIOPRO Technology provides revolutionary technologies to protect and enhance cellular health by delivering a new generation of wellness solutions. Our mission is to empower individuals to optimize their physical and financial well being by sharing this compelling vision globally touching one life at a time. BIOPRO is Protection FOR and Enhancement OF Life. Learn more

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